Tanya Wyatt, Happy Valley pond

While many people may underestimate the power of the mind in helping to improve both performance and health, it’s indisputable that what you think can affect your state of being.

What are you like?

Do you start your day feeling positive or negative?  Do you consistently visualise yourself getting that perfect job, or would you never dare to dream it possible?  Understanding just how potently our inner thoughts (the script in our heads) impacts on our emotions, which in turn impact on our physical state, is the key to changing this powerful health detractor/enhancer.

Keep a careful eye on the thoughts that cross your mind and – if they’re negative, gently bring in a positive thought to counter it.  Always try and stay in a positive frame of mind, throughout your day.

Train the brain

The following is one of the best exercises around, to help you change a consistently negative mindset/thought into a consistently positive one:

Buy 3 post-it note pads in different colours. Choose one colour and write on as many as you can, the sorts of messages you’d like to believe.  Always write them in the present tense (i.e. “I am lean”, “I am healthy”, “I am successful in my life” etc.).  Stick them up all over your house, so that you see them daily.  For more emphasis, every time you see one, read it out loud.

You may not believe these messages initially, but the more you think and speak them, the more it changes neural pathways in the brain, which helps to stimulate a new and healthy outlook (which, in turn, stimulates a releasing of more beneficial hormones in the brain, resulting in further health benefits).

After a while (a few days to a few weeks), you may find that you don’t see the messages anymore – in other words, you get used to them being where they are.  As soon as you realise this has happened, change colour and start again – sticking them up in slightly different places this time.  Keep this up for at least 30 days as this appears to be the generally-accepted length of time it takes to break a habit and replace it with a new one.

You can apply this technique to almost every aspect of your life, whether it relates to your body shape, financial situation, job position or relationships…at the end of the day, positivity is an energy and so will draw like energy to it.