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Introducing Tanya Wyatt

Forget all that you’ve heard in the past – with my uniquely personalised women’s functional health coaching, you can reclaim your health and wellbeing, and have a body to be proud of, whether before, during, or after menopause.

No hacks, quick fixes, or magic pills; just real science that pinpoints your unique health challenges. As an integrative health coach in the UK, I specialise in hormones, nutrition and digestion, movement and exercise, your immune system, and epigenetics.

Over the past 33 years, this personalised process has transformed women’s lives around the world.

At last, this is your time to shine…

Reclaim your health and wellbeing


Thousands of women are now embracing the life they could once only dream of thanks to my uniquely personalised approach.

This is the result of over three decades of research into the most effective means of tackling the physical, mental and hormonal challenges most women face during their lives; identifying precisely where your individual issues lie to pinpoint the changes you can make to achieve the life you want.

This is your opportunity to join these women in adopting the healthier, happier outlook we can all achieve with a scientifically based, personalised approach.

What my clients say

Not only has Tanya helped me with nutrition, but her mat strength classes proved to be life changing! Slowly but surely my body is changing and my muscle strength has improved tremendously. I can really recommend Tanya’s expertise.

Lorna Milne, 50

Tanya is the only practitioner I know with a true appreciation of the female body and its unique needs and the results speak for themselves! If you need an expert in wellbeing (through healthy living, eating and exercise), I strongly recommend Tanya.

Suzanne Fowler, 38

Amazing changes happened in my life since doing Tanya’s programme. From a bloated, unhappy, exhausted person, always eating, to a content, happy, positive and energetic person.  Thank you so much!

Del-Rio du Plessis, 51

Beyond genes: where choice meets health at the cellular level

Beyond DNA lies a fascinating frontier: Epigenetics. It’s where your daily choices – food, movement, mindset – become the master switches for your genes. Ready to optimise your health at the genetic level?
Discover the three pillars of epigenetics and unlock your body’s healing potential. 

“Free your body and mind! No starving, no over-exercising, no awful dieting. Just scientific, personalised improvements based on your individual symptoms and 30+ years of research.”

Tanya Wyatt

53, Health Coach, Author & Presenter

Your 3-step journey

Experience transformation


Strong. Toned. Resilient.

Regular activity – not just exercise – is vitally important. Movement alone can impact on heart health, fat absorption, and fat storage; it can also improve posture. Together we’ll work out how to add more to your day, and create your best ever exercise programme, helping you lead a more active and energised lifestyle.


Lean. Healthy. Energetic.

Your body’s wellbeing depends on everything you expose it to, including the quality of your food and water, sleep habits, breathing patterns, and exposure to sunlight and everyday pollutants. We’ll make positive changes to optimise your gene performance and nourish your body effectively.


Motivated. Educated. Capable.

Optimal health begins with your mindset. As a holistic health coach UK, I’ll help you understand the profound effects of viewing your “self” and your body. Your thoughts and feelings are crucial in supporting or detracting from optimal health. Together, we’ll harness the power of your mind to influence your life on an energetic level.

Choose your programme


Achieve mind/body balance with my signature personalised programme. This precisely-focused approach centres on achieving mental clarity, emotional stability, optimal physical health and a stronger, leaner body. With this life-changing, individualised programme, you can lose midriff fat, strengthen your pelvic floor, sleep well, manage hot flushes, and reduce depression and anxiety. Includes help with mitigating the effects of our modern environment on your health, as well as my transformative Pilates Mat Strength programme.


The unique and effective combination of Pilates training (for core conditioning work) with strength training (to change your body shape) will make you stronger, improve your posture, get you more toned, reduce your risk of injury, and help you feel better in your body. Tailored for all abilities, body types and levels of  experience, this is the key to your optimal body shape and efficient, pain-free movement. Since you’re going to put time into training, every minute should count. My Pilates Mat Strength coaching classes are all about technique, safety and efficacy.


Achieve physical and emotional wellbeing with my science-based female-focused health programme, personalised to you. This precisely-focused approach is all about mental and emotional stability, optimal physical health and a stronger, leaner body. With this life-changing programme, you can finally be in control of your hormonal changes, fully address your unique wellbeing challenges, and learn to mitigate the effects of our modern environment on your health. This programme includes my transformative Pilates Mat Strength programme.


Bring calmness, restful sleep, and vibrant health to you and your little one. Taking your unique needs and living environment into account, this personalised programme will offer you solutions and support for baby’s optimal development. With this life-changing programme you can improve sleep every night, enhance baby’s immunity, avoid attention deficit and concentration issues in your little ones, and strengthen their mental development and brain health. We’ll also ensure ideal physical phase development for their best future posture and movement.

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