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About Tanya Wyatt

“I’m 52 and love my body – I’ve never been stronger, happier, healthier, or more energetic!
I’d love to help you achieve the same.”

Our approach - Tanya Wyatt story

I’m passionate about helping my clients “soften” their approach to self care.
For too many of us, exercise and eating habits are a ‘wagon’ to climb onto and fall off. “Be more disciplined!” “No pain, no gain!” “Try harder!” When we fall off the wagon, we go over- board in the opposite direction, and then we climb back on, only to repeat the routine more punitively next time.

My deep work with clients isn’t about measuring success externally, it’s about letting go of “perfect” and embracing all that we are. Applying the principle what we do most of the time counts; what we do some of the time doesn’t frees us up to enjoy the happier, healthier life we deserve.

My story

I’m 52 and am in good shape, which leads to people saying I’m “fortunate”, “genetically gifted”, or just “lucky”. Some might think my path has been a charmed one, but it wasn’t always this way and I experienced a harsh introduction to ‘Self-hate 101’ back in my teen years. Read my story here.

My background

In my late teens I was a professional ballet dancer and in my twenties I moved into health and fitness. In the past three decades I’ve worked at the heart of the South African fitness industry, as a member of the standards generating body and co-founding the country’s first licensing body for fitness trainers. I’ve written for magazines including Men’s Health, Marie-Claire, Cosmo and Shape and have written two books published by New Holland. Now based in London, I’m mom to a teenage girl and in recent years I’ve taken up pole sport, which means I get to dance with my feet off the floor…!

I met with Tanya, thinking it would be another failed attempt at regaining health and energy. I quickly realised I was interacting with a health coach deeply tuned in, vastly knowledgeable, and compassionate. She never put me on a scale, or asked my weight. Rather, she dealt with my lifestyle, chemical make-up, energy levels, and body’s wisdom. Working with Tanya in just six weeks changed my life and my approach to food. I emerged with renewed energy, a clearer complexion, and I lost 9kgs! Tanya makes sense of the complicated world of diets. She makes it easy, and she makes a huge difference.

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