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In my late teens I was a professional ballet dancer. From there, I moved into health and fitness. In the past three decades I’ve designed and written coursework, and lectured for providers in the South African fitness industry. I was also a member of the industry’s standards generating body. In the 90s, I co-founded SA’s first licensing body for fitness trainers. I’ve written for magazines like Men’s Health, Marie-Claire, Cosmo and Shape. (I also served on Shape’s advisory board).

Over the years, I’ve had columns in local newspapers too. In 2004 I wrote two books, published by New Holland. (I just wrote my third.) I’ve worked broadly in the corporate arena and have partnered with various schools. I’m mom to a teen and, once a dancer always a dancer! I took up pole sport years ago so now dance with my feet off the floor:) 

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I’m 52 and am in good shape. This has led to me being regularly called “fortunate”, “genetically gifted”, or – simply – “lucky”. Some might think my path a charmed one, because I’m not overweight and out of shape as I’ve aged. But it wasn’t always this way for me and I experienced a harsh intro into “Hating self, 101”. Read more.

“I’m 52 and love my body – I’ve never been stronger, happier, healthier, or more energetic! I’d love to help you achieve the same”




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I’ve worked with Tanya as my ‘Nutrition Coach’ specifically to help me get my energy levels up. As a businesswoman and mom of three, I need all the energy I can get. When Tanya suggested increasing my fat intake, I thought I was either going to be dead in a month, or feel fabulous. Well, the results are just astounding! This is the most energy I’ve ever had, my skin looks great and my hair is a lot thicker. My friends have commented that I’m glowing. For the first time in my life, my hormones have stabilised and I’m feeling absolutely great!

Judy Janse van Rensburg - Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Thank you for the advice you gave me. Meeting you was a blessing because now I feel leaner, stronger and full of energy and never loved living healthy like I do now! My condition is improving and every week I see results. Many people used to recommend a quick fix for getting lean, but that wouldn’t last forever and you opened my eyes to the fact that it’s better to invest in a body that will last long term in a condition that is natural and better looking. Thank you – one day when I’m a world champ, it will be because of you!

Vuyolwethu Mkhencele - Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Over the past few years I struggled with my weight, which ballooned to 105kg. I decided to join a gym and began working with a trainer. After a busy period at work I needed help with my eating habits so my trainer suggested I see Tanya. On meeting her, I was taken by her positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle. After a discussion regarding my current diet, Tanya put in place a simple plan to put me back on track. 

Within a short time changes became apparent and have been very dramatic. Not just from a physical standpoint but in my mental attitude too. After a further session with Tanya, I added supplements to my plan and this gave me a new lease on life. At 46, I’m feeling happy within myself. I can’t thank Tanya enough for her simple approach to nutrition and wellness. She helped me change my lifestyle, appreciate and love myself.

Lloyd Grose - London, England

Thank you for the great sessions and topics you shared with us – it was a real mind opener. Also, the way you look is so motivating! It’s a true reflection that you know and live what you’re talking about. Your presentations and thorough explanation on how some foods harm/help our bodies was a rude awakening. It was these awakenings that made me think about my health and what I put into my body. I lost weight too!

My husband was my main supporter. He made it easier for me to change because he was so determined. (And I didn’t want to be the fat unhealthy wife while he lost all the weight and looked good!) I learnt some important things. First, the right mindset channels a good attitude. Also, the right knowledge is key. And third, drinking water regularly makes everything all right in the end.

Nombasa Mgijima - Port Elizabeth, South Africa