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Years of work and research have taught me that strength training is the best form of exercise. My strength coaching classes will help you become stronger and more resilient. You’ll also offset poor posture and have better tone, shape and energy. Workouts are efficient, giving you better results faster. And my focus on technique reduces risk of injury too. Sessions are educational and personalised. My approach to training efficiently means that your progress is steady and quick. I apply the science that governs training, so each move helps you meet your goals. Come join our online community! We’re here to support your efforts and help you stay committed.


WHO: Men and Women

WHERE: Online classes

WHEN: 3 x 30 Minutes weekly on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Live at 9.30-10.00am or on-demand viewing.

WHY: Train all areas of the body over the week. Become more toned, improve body shape and build a powerful core. Also develop better strength for everyday activities. Reduce risk of poor posture and injury too. Impress yourself, gain confidence and achieve things you didn’t think you could. See what’s possible despite age, gender or strength level. And maintain it over the long term.

HOW: An initial assessment provides invaluable information. This allows for the session to be personalised to you. Classes run for 30 minutes. They are designed to ensure that all body parts are worked each week. And most importantly, that technique, safety and efficacy are paramount.

YOUR INVESTMENT: £150 monthly + £50 assessment fee; or £450 upfront for 3 x months to include the assessment free


The physical assessment is a simple process. This is done prior to starting your strength coaching classes. Wear comfy gym clothes so that your trunk (shoulders and hips) are clear to see. In addition to a simple standing check, some movement patterns are assessed too. The focus of all classes is trunk (core) strength and stability. Therefore, the assessed movements relate to pelvic and shoulder stability. The deeper inner unit is also assessed for strength and functionality.

Women Online strength coaching
Screenshot-2021-08-13-at-08.50.34 Online strength coaching

WHO: Men and women

WHERE: Online

WHEN: 30 Minutes, at an arranged time

WHY: Experience a bespoke workout based on outcomes of the physical assessment. Attend class knowing your unique posture, areas of tightness, weakness, injury, degree of physical awareness, and level of physical capability. See faster and safer gains through the use and application of this information.

HOW: The assessment provides the information required for online strength coaching classes to be personalised to you

YOUR INVESTMENT: £50; or free if paying upfront for classes for three months


The core

Many think the “core” refers to abdominal muscles, but this is incorrect. The core is defined by all the muscles in the trunk that attach to the spine. They offer important stability. There is another layer of muscles above these core stabilisers. These are the mobilisers – the ones that allow for movement of the spine and trunk. The core’s job is to transfer forces between the upper and lower body. It therefore needs to be stable and strong. 

Within the core is a “drum”. This drum is like a car’s engine, providing power for the chassis (limbs) to move. The base of the drum is the pelvic floor; the top is the diaphragm. Both muscles should be pliable and work together for easy breathing. The front of the drum is the transverse abdominis. When contracted, it gives us our waist. The back is the multifidus (small muscles attached to the vertebra of the spine).

The hip and shoulder stabilisers

There are other muscles in the trunk and around the shoulder blades/joints and hips that stabilise (and, to a lesser degree, mobilise) these areas. These muscles keep the joints supported and working optimally. They need strength to support all your movements, without transferring unneeded load to soft tissue with a different purpose. They’re also vital for keeping good posture and reducing injury risk. It’s really worthwhile putting time and effort into training them.

The core, together with these hip and shoulder joint muscles, are the most important component of any programme. My online classes focus specifically on this aspect. And the physical assessment tells me all about how strong they are.