Unlock core strength with transformative Pilates mat workouts.

Pilates Mat Strength: sculpting strength for a vibrant life

Years of dedicated research have led me to the conclusion that strength training principles form the foundation of the most effective workout for women. I’ve artfully combined these principles with a Pilates emphasis on core work to create the hybrid Pilates Mat Strength programme, meticulously designed to tone and strengthen your body.

The power of technique

Drawing from my background as a former professional ballet dancer, I understand the importance of precision. In Pilates, adjusting your position by just an inch can make a significant difference, activating specific muscle groups. Whether in person or online, my Pilates coaching prioritises technique, safety, and efficacy to ensure every minute of your training counts.

Experience the transformative benefits

  • =Train all areas of your body with just three 30-minute sessions weekly.
  • =Improve tone and body shape for a more sculpted physique.
  • =Strengthen your core, enhancing stability and balance.
  • =Enhance posture, promoting a confident and poised presence.
  • =Build strength and expand your range of movement.
  • =Stay safe and injury-free, guided by expert coaching.
  • =Suitable for all body types and levels of experience.

Bespoke Pilates in the comfort of your London home

Ready to shed sluggishness and ignite vibrant energy? Let Tanya guide you to your Happy Body through the transformative power of Pilates. Experience the difference of bespoke workouts designed just for you, delivered in the comfort of your own London home.

Client stories

Pilates Mat Strength options

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