Pilates Mat Strength

Years of research has taught me that strength training principles underlie the most effective workout for women. I’ve coupled these principles with a Pilates focus on core work to create hybrid Pilates Mat Strength specifically for you, toning and strengthening your body for midlife and beyond.

Technique is everything…

As a former ballet dancer, I know that adjusting your position by just an inch can make the difference between activating one muscle group or another. If you’re going to put time into training, every minute should count, so, whether online or in person, my Pilates coaching is all about technique, safety and efficacy.

How can you benefit?

Train all areas of the body in just 3 x 30 min sessions per week
* Improve tone and body shape
* Strengthen your core
* Improve posture
* Build strength and range of movement
* Stay safe and injury-free
* Suitable for all body types and levels of experience

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90+ 30-minute workouts – £25 / month

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