Navigating the menopause journey in the workplace

Navigating menopause in the workplace

Effective employees are engaged in the workplace. How engaged peri-menopausal and menopausal women are tends to be related to how confident, emotionally stable, and in control they feel, and key to this state is how they view themselves and their bodies. Menopause can result in weight gain, hair loss, hot flushes, irritability, mood swings, insomnia, and more – symptoms which can lead to feelings of discomfort, despair, overwhelm, and helplessness.

Menopause and its impact

The average age for menopause is 52, but peri-menopause can start 12-14 years earlier, bringing with it many of the same symptoms. Women are often unsure of what to expect or how to manage these symptoms, while post-menopausal women can struggle with the after-effects.

As oestrogen diminishes, mood and memory are profoundly affected, leading to increased risk of anxiety and depression, accelerated brain ageing and the risk of dementia. Coupled with a drop in the calming hormone, progesterone, women are at a distinct disadvantage especially when they are under pressure.

Responsible employers are now recognising this impact and are benefiting from Tanya Wyatt’s workshops for positive impacts on health, wellbeing and productivity in the workplace.

Tanya Wyatt’s approach

To support the wellbeing of your female colleagues, my proven Menopause @ Work programme shares the science behind effectively managing these symptoms for the long-term. This results in enhanced mental clarity, stable moods, increased energy, and improved resilience to stress – just a few of the many benefits this programme offers.

My established Menopause @ Work programme comprises modules tailored to address key health issues specific to your organisation’s needs. These topics are based on my three pillars of health – movement, nourishment, and mindset – ensuring a holistic and comprehensive approach to workplace wellbeing.

Online and in person workshops feature concise, science-based assessments, education, and solutions, all grounded in my experience of working with thousands of women over the past 30+ years.

I am committed to supporting women through the challenges of menopause in the workplace and helping them thrive in their professional roles, while embracing this significant life transition.

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About Tanya Wyatt

Corporate work
Tanya has worked extensively within the corporate arena, presenting wellness programmes and workshops for companies including Volkswagen SA, Nelson Mandela University Business School, Old Mutual, SAB, Johnson Controls, Investec, Liberty, Nestle, The Heart Foundation, CANSA, and Riverstone UK.

Starting out as a professional ballet dancer in South Africa, Tanya later moved into exercise, nutrition and lifestyle management. She has designed, written and lectured for industry service providers, contributed to government-developed standards for the industry, and she co-founded South Africa’s first licensing body for fitness trainers.

Tanya has written regularly for magazines including Men’s Health, Marie-Claire, Cos- mopolitan, and Shape, and she is the author of two books published by New Holland.

Tanya also helps schools develop happy, healthy children, working with a variety of institutions.

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Organisations that have benefited from Tanya Wyatt’s workplace wellbeing programmes

Corporate testimonials

Thank you for accepting our invite to speak. You did a sterling job as I received positive feedback from all. It was a difficult session as the managers had been in meetings all day. Performance levels were down and heads were lolling so well done to you.

Grace Mamolefi Makhaza, Health Services Specialist, Transnet Port Terminals

Thank you for presenting to the team in Uitenhage. I spoke to a number of people who attended the presentation. Without exception they were SO positive! Staff really enjoyed the talk and learned a lot from it. Your thoughts on proactively improving health were excellent.

Heidi de Groot, Human Resources Director, Johnson Controls, South Africa

Diet is both a topical and sensitive issue. Therefore, we thought a nutrition expert would be perfect to address our guests. It is difficult to find a presenter who holds an audience captive. But you managed to enthrall all with your passion and humour. Judging by the rapt attention and laughter, you were a resounding success.

Eleanore Raubenheimer, Internal Sales Associate, Investec Asset Management

I really enjoyed your talk, thank you so much. You spoke of the things I believe in – I advocate – I love. I was enticed into the health profession by these ideas. They are the ideas that my grandfather and mother taught me. It was great to hear them from a colleague. So, thank you and good work – keep going from strength to strength.

Celeste Teixeira-Swiegelaar, RD, Nestle (SA)

On behalf of the management team, many thanks for your presentation. We so enjoyed the way you approached health and wellness. Your initiative resonated – we’re also very pleased with the results. In addition to fascinating, your talks were great fun!

Prof Steve Burgess, Director, Nelson Mandela University Business School

Thank you for presenting at our first ladies function of 2018. And thanks also for sharing your knowledge with us. We found your talk very motivating and extremely  informative. We all left with food for thought and admire your enthusiasm for life!

Melanie Swanepoel, Senior Client Administrator, PW Harvey & Co

How I can help

Navigating menopause in the workplace can be a unique challenge, but you don’t have to do it alone. I’m here to provide guidance, support, and practical solutions to ensure that you and your colleagues thrive during this significant life transition.

Whether you’re an individual looking for personalised strategies to manage menopausal symptoms, or an employer seeking to create a more inclusive and supportive work environment, I’m ready to assist.

Let’s start a conversation about how I can tailor my expertise to meet your specific needs. Contact me today to explore the possibilities and begin a journey towards wellbeing, confidence, and success in the workplace.