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The Happy Baby

Experience calmness, restful sleep, and vibrant health for both you and your baby with my personalised programme.

Improve sleep for baby - Tanya Wyatt - The Happy Baby

Restful nights

Enjoy improved sleep for both you and baby, fostering a well-rested environment for better health and happiness

Enhance baby immunity - Tanya Wyatt - The Happy Baby

Immune boost

Enhance baby’s immunity with high-quality milk, providing essential nutrients for a strong and resilient immune system

Introduce solids for baby - Tanya Wyatt - The Happy Baby

Gentle introduction to solids

Introduce solids to baby’s diet without triggering food intolerances, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable transition to solids

lose pregnancy weight safely - Tanya Wyatt - The Happy Baby

Post-pregnancy weight loss

Don’t forget about yourself! This programme includes post-pregnancy weight loss to help you regain your strength and confidence

Strengthen menal development for baby - Tanya Wyatt - The Happy Baby

Brain boost

Strengthen baby’s mental development and brain health, laying the foundation for lifelong cognitive wellbeing and success

Support baby physical development - Tanya Wyatt - The Happy Baby

Strong start

Support baby’s physical development to promote functional posture and movement, essential for future growth and development

Your journey

As a parent, I’ve experienced the relentless fatigue and overwhelming challenges first hand. But through my transformative approach, families find hope and rapid change. With tailored assessments, we address issues affecting both you and baby, ensuring emotional stability and wellbeing. By focusing on factors like pregnancy, birth experience, sleep patterns, and nutrition, we create an environment for thriving. From optimising sleep to enhancing nutrition and fostering a positive mindset, we set the stage for lifelong wellbeing. Together, we can transform your family life in just days. Let’s embark on this life-changing adventure together.

What my clients say

Our 6-year-old boy was recently diagnosed with focal epilepsy and prescribed the usual medication, which unfortunately had some behavioural side effects. We were subsequently introduced to Tanya by a friend who suggested that his epilepsy could be controlled through simple changes to his diet and lifestyle. In the five months we have been working with Tanya, his seizures have lessened in intensity, and we have noticed an overall improvement in his general well-being. Tanya has empowered our family to explore alternative approaches to nutrition and lifestyle, and this has had a positive impact on all of us. If only all health professionals were as open-minded and less concerned with the conventional medical narrative that we are often led to believe. It has truly been an eye-opener. Thank you. 🖤

Jamie Elliot

Google Review

Cas infant - Tanya Wyatt - The Happy Baby

Drum Roll!!! Freddie slept from 10.00 pm last night until 7.00am this morning! I can’t thank you enough!


Mum of Freddie (2 months)

PXL 20221220 165109346.MP 1 scaled e1699774859586 - Tanya Wyatt - The Happy Baby

I worked with Tanya to improve my 1 year old little boys diet. He was still breast feeding throughout the night but had a poor appetite during the day. He had multiple food intolerances which meant he was free from dairy, soya and eggs for some time. Tanya encouraged me to trial increasing different food groups within his meals. After one week I noticed improved satiety and sleep. Baby sleep is never linear, along came illness and teething and we took a step back, but Tanya was very supportive throughout and encouraged me to remain true to my responsive parenting style and continue to work on his diet with everything else falling into place one the foundation was laid. And it absolutely did! After working with sleep coaches, online courses, and reading books written by sleep experts, my baby started to sleep through the night! I can’t thank Tanya enough. I definitely have a more happy baby, and I’m a happier mum!

Tori Johnson

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Need a helping hand now & then? This flexible option allows you to schedule consultations as needed, addressing specific sleep, feeding, or developmental concerns.


Happy Start

Get off to a smooth start with a focused programme over 3 months.

This package includes 2.5 hours of consultations across in-home visits, online chats, or phone calls, tailored to tackle sleep challenges, optimise feeding routines & support your baby’s development.


Flourishing Family

Invest in long-term success. Receive 4 hours of personalised consultations over 6 months, covering sleep, feeding, development for your little one & even guidance on healthy post-pregnancy weight loss for you.

This programmme is designed is designed to create a thriving family environment.


Embrace Menopause
On-demand Programme
Discover EMBRACE: Your On-Demand Menopause Solution. Dive into essential topics at your pace with 10+ hours of expert-led videos. Nutrition, gut health, sleep, stress management, and more—all conveniently accessible whenever you need.