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Frequently asked questions commonly pop up before clients begin their health journey. Below are some FAQs we encounter at Your Happy Body. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered here, feel free to make contact and ask away…

I’m menopausal and feel I’ve lost my “old” body and mind. Can you help?

Most certainly! Despite hormonal levels changing greatly, there’s much you can do to offset this. We’ll work thoroughly, safely, and effectively to help you feel yourself again. Starting with a health appraisal questionnaire, we’ll get the info we need to help. This gives us insight into areas to help unlock weight loss and/or health gains. We’ll also unpack your diet and see its impact on your current health and weight. 

Will I be given a diet plan?

No, but I will give you advice on making changes specific to your diet. These are based on my 30 years of experience and training. The process is an educational and fully personalised one. Therefore, it’s not about getting you to cut and paste someone else’s plan. You’ll need to experiment with your diet, and be responsible for outcomes. Never fear – I’ll stand by as your guide throughout the process.

How soon will I see changes to my body?

My clients tend to see things start to change within 7-10 days. The most common comment is that their belly “shrinks” and they’re less bloated. Remember, the greater your margins for change the faster you’re likely to see change. (E.g. if very overweight, retaining water, or very bloated.) However, almost everyone feels the change within the first week or two.

Will I get “big” (muscles) from your online strength classes?

No. You will certainly get toned, which, in itself, is muscle growth. But it would be impossible to get “oversized” muscles from my classes. This is because we are working mostly with bodyweight. (This builds functional strength for everyday activities). To get big, you would need to overload the muscles significantly. The challenge forces them to respond and adapt. In other words, you would need to add a lot of external weight to your training. Typically, this would happen through machines or free weights.

Do you add a cheat day into my action plan?

No. It’s not in my terminology to talk about “cheating”. There is simply life, and a chance to respond flexibly to it! In my view, what you do most of the time counts; what you do some of the time doesn’t. This leaves you free to go with the flow when it comes to your lifestyle. Say you end up eating pizza and beer twice in one week. Maybe throw a mate’s birthday party into the mix. You can simply revert to your most-time foods for the rest of the week. No feeling guilty or bad about your choices. It evens out in the end and gives you the chance for bliss foods along the way.

Will you weigh me before I begin?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions! The answer is no. Your relationship with gravity is separate to body composition. I weigh 60kg – considered “overweight” for my height of 5.5! But, my body composition is geared more to lean muscle mass than fat mass. Instead of weight, we’ll talk about how your clothes feel. This is a better indicator of whether your fat mass is reducing.

When am I likely to achieve the goals I’ve set?

How long is your piece of string? The answer to this is different for every person on this planet. It depends on many things, but the better question to ask yourself is this: “how long have I been treating my self and body poorly?” Most people who come to see me have had the same habits for decades, not months, so achieving their health and weight goals can be like turning a cruiseliner around! It’ll happen, but it takes time and patience.