The Health Appraisal Graph

While so many people struggle, sometimes for months and years, to achieve the health improvements they crave because they have no means of understanding the underlying causes of their issues, my clients routinely report dramatic, often life-changing improvements thanks to the uniquely personalised insights provided by their individualised health appraisal graph.


This powerfully insightful graph precisely identifies the potential health issues affecting you, which means we can pinpoint change minutely and with certainty. It is generated by the outcomes of an extensive yet simple-to-answer questionnaire which checks and cross-checks any symptoms that relate to your body’s major systems (gut, liver, endocrine, cardiovascular, hormones, immunity and more).

This means your graph is entirely personal to you – critical in identifying where your issues lie and how best to tackle them for rapid and dramatic results.

Menopause Diet graph

As a common example, if the gut scores on your graph indicate the reduced function suffered by so many people in today’s world, we know immediately the changes you can make, such as specialised supplements and changes to your eating and drinking habits. Since proper gut function results in better absorption and use of nutrients by the body, and this function naturally reduces with age and is directly linked to the risk of osteopenia/osteoporosis, we can work to reduce (for example) your risk of bone-related conditions. Taking care of gut function also impacts on leanness, immunity, endocrine function, blood sugar management and much more.

It is impossible to over-state the value of your graph in determining the most precisely targeted route to achieving your aims, the vast majority of clients reporting significant impacts within days thanks to the invaluable intelligence it provides.

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