Keeping children in good health

Consulting with schools

School is where kids can be exposed to foods that taste great and deliver the right stuff. Children spend the majority of their waking hours at school. What they eat there plays a key role in shaping their habits – now, and in the future. Things taught at school, foods served at school, how their friends view food are all lessons learnt. These are lessons they’ll carry for life, impacting on their health in time. We consult with schools to help them ensure that what they offer their learners is optimal for healthy little bodies and minds.

Consulting with schools
Willow Academy school wholeness

Lessons for little ones

Can kid’s food be nourishing and cool, or will it always be broc vs. choc? Are there healthy foods that don’t need children to be pinned down and force fed? Absolutely, yes! We offer fun, practical “wholeness” talks for children about healthy food (and why it rocks). Exposing kids to information about good food choices helps them buy into eating more healthfully. And they typically take this information home with them (some can get quite stern about seeing the rest of the family make changes too). Optimally fuelled children are generally calm, attentive and vibrant in the classroom!

Helping teens

In the case of teens, we help them understand the difference between looks and self-worth. We offer tools for building these aspects of self-esteem in positive ways. Negative habits can effect the mental and physical wellbeing of  kids. This can reach a critical point, e.g. eating disorders or self-harming. Our teen wellbeing programme collaborates with key influencers. Learner, parents, doctor and psychologist are part of the team that address this challenge.

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Educating parents

We help parents clear a path through the forest of contradictory advice regarding ideal nutrition. We expose them to current research that sometimes questions  “old-school” thinking about best types and ratios of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. We teach them about foods that enhance good health so that they can help their children build positive lifelong habits. We also help them create the ideal home environment for boosting immunity and enhancing energy levels, concentration and physical performance in the whole family.

Some testimonials

Tanya was a speaker at one of our parent meetings. Since then, she has engaged with pupils in order to tackle diet and wellness. She is an excellent communicator and is passionate about her work. Her continued interest and support is very valued. I applaud her in her efforts to change the face of tuck shops at our schools.

Lindsay Pearson, Headmaster Grey Junior School

Thank you again for taking the time to speak to the girls today. The subjects of self-esteem and eating issues was very well received. The girls found it incredibly informative and it gave them food for thought. The issue of self-appearance vs self-worth offered some healthy debate. We will definitely invite you back for more!

Derryk Jordan, Deputy Principal Collegiate Girls High School

About Tanya Wyatt

Tanya Wyatt was originally a professional ballet dancer in South Africa. In 1992, she moved into exercise, nutrition and lifestyle management and has a private practice in central London.


Tanya has been heavily involved with the SA fitness industry. She designed, wrote and lectured on coursework for industry service providers. She was also a member of the industry’s standards generating body. In the mid 90s, Tanya co-founded SA’s first licensing body for fitness trainers.


Tanya has written regularly for national health magazines like  Men’s Health, Marie-Claire, Cosmopolitan, and Shape (she also served on Shape’s advisory board). In addition, she has had regular columns in local newspapers. In 2004 she wrote two books, both published by New Holland. She recently wrote her third book.


Tanya helps schools and parents develop happy, healthy children and has worked with a wide variety of institutions. These include: Elsen Academy, St George’s Preparatory School, Collegiate High School for Girls, Collegiate Junior School for Girls, Clarendon Park Primary, Grey Junior School for Boys, St Dominic’s Priory and Willow Academy.


Tanya has worked extensively within the corporate arena, presenting numerous wellness programmes and health talks through the decades.

Our approach - Tanya Wyatt background

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