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New Holland Publishers, 2004

You’ll get fit sensibly with the first of Tanya Wyatt’s books – your personal trainer in a handbook. Start the process with some useful self-assessment questionnaires. These help you assess your current fitness level and areas of weakness. They’ll also aid you in creating an appropriate fitness routine.

Next, simple, effective exercises prep your body for workouts to come. Photos and illustrations helpfully demonstrate proper form and function. This, while advice and tips help you get and stay motivated for training. Strength and cardio work, plus stretching techniques, are all covered. As are equipment, diet, and specific needs of pregnant or older people.

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New Holland Publishers, 2004

Stretch Routines is Tanya Wyatt’s second book, and it explains the science of stretching and why it is necessary. It also shows you how to create a daily routine for sustainable change. View over 50 stretches of varying degrees of difficulty. Step-by-step photos and tips on how to make the stretch effective are included. Furthermore, each section is preceded by warm-up exercises.

Key muscles tend to shorten due to certain activities, lifestyles and sports. The health problems that can result from such imbalances are explained in depth. Also, suggestions to alleviate or prevent these issues are suggested. Additionally, tailor-made routines are provided for specific sports, focusing on the muscles usually strengthened, and therefore shortened. The book also describes a gentle approach to lifestyle changes for optimal health.

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This is Tanya Wyatt’s third book, written in 2020. Is it possible to get lean, build your best body, and improve your health while still enjoying foods you would avoid on a diet? Can you learn to love yourself and see your value in this world? Can you do this independently of whether or not you have the “perfect” body? And can you ensure yourself a long, healthy life free of lifestyle diseases? She believes all this is possible.

The modern world brings many challenges to our health. And to our ability to remain lean as we get older. As females, the hurdles are even greater than those of men. With complex hormones influencing our daily experiences, we need to use them to our advantage. Mitigating the impact of these and other challenges allows us to take control of our physical, mental and emotional “bodies”. This brings opportunities for a calmer, healthier, and more satisfying living experience.