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Menopause can be challenging, but you don’t have to navigate it alone. I’m Tanya Wyatt, and I’m here to provide you with personalised, science-backed solutions to help you thrive during this phase of life.

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About Embrace Menopause On-demand programme

The Embrace Menopause On-Demand programme empowers you to dive deeply into key menopause themes at your own pace. This comprehensive programme features expert-led videos and actionable resources designed to guide you through the various aspects of menopause. You’ll gain insights into essential topics such as nutrition, gut health, sleep, stress management, exercise, and effective weight-loss strategies. The programme is designed for convenient, on-demand access, allowing you to explore and learn whenever it suits you best.

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Key benefits of the programme

Expert guidance

Receive direct support from me, a certified health expert, ensuring you get accurate and trustworthy information.

Science-backed methods

Benefit from practical, evidence-based recommendations designed to effectively manage your symptoms.

Comprehensive coverage

Essential topics include nutrition, gut health, sleep, stress management, exercise, and weight-loss.

Convenient access

On-demand availability to fit your schedule.

Downloadable resources

Nutritional guidelines, record-keeping notes, and printable ‘takeaway tips’ to support your journey.

With the correct mindset, and with a healthy approach to lifestyle and diet, you can make it a smoother and more comfortable experience.

Get started now

Embrace On-Demand

EMBRACE empowers you to dive deeply into key menopause themes at your own pace, with expert-led videos & actionable resources to guide you along the way.

Explore at your own pace:

  • 10+ hours of expert-led menopause health videos
  • Essential topics: nutrition, gut health, sleep, stress management, exercise, weight-loss hacks, etc.
  • Convenient on-demand access

Boost your transformation: 

  • 2 x Customisable 7-day meal plans with 42 delicious & easy recipes + handy shopping lists
  • Downloadable nutritional guidelines, record-keeping notes, & printable ‘takeaway tips’


Book a free chat

Not sure where to start on your menopause journey? Book a free chat with me and let’s discuss your concerns, goals, and how the Embrace Menopause On-Demand Programme can empower you with the right support and resources. Together, we’ll tailor a plan that fits your needs and helps you navigate this phase of life with confidence. Schedule your complimentary chat now and take the first step towards embracing menopause with clarity and assurance!

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