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Your go-to guide
for healthy eating

Knowing what foods are best, and understanding how carbs, proteins and fats affect your body, can be a pretty daunting subject.
I’ll help you make better choices so that you remain lean and in good health, always.

Nutritional Guidelines

This little guide will help you:
* become your own good food “expert”
* get clearer on the meaning of “healthy food”
* work out why you might be storing excess body fat
* be more motivated to include high nutrient foods
* gain insight into foods that may be hurting your health

I met with Tanya Wyatt, thinking it would be another failed attempt at regaining health and energy. I quickly realised I was interacting with a health coach deeply tuned in, vastly knowledgeable, and compassionate. She never put me on a scale, or asked my weight. Rather, she dealt with my lifestyle, chemical make-up, energy levels, and body’s wisdom. Working with Tanya in just six weeks changed my life and my approach to food. I emerged with renewed energy, a clearer complexion, and I lost 9kgs! Tanya makes sense of the complicated world of diets. She makes it easy, and she makes a huge difference.

Sandy Coffey - South Africa

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