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This is the beginning of our work together and the start of a whole new you! Please note that appointments are allocated specifically to you. To change a session, strictly 24 hours’ notice is required; if not, full charges apply. Also, coaching programmes have a specified duration which cannot be changed. Missed sessions must be made up while the programme is still running. Exercise, diet and lifestyle consulting are not intended as diagnosis, prescription, treatment, or cure for any disease or as a substitute for regular medical care. Please complete the form, tick the check box, and submit. Thanks and see you soon. New Client Form

New Field

I'm going to offer you a refreshing approach to leanness and health. It'll be informative, motivating and non-punitive too. An approach that will help you achieve a beautiful, healthy, and toned body. It will also build you a sense of self-love and an open, flexible mindset. And it will do all this in a gentle, long-lasting, and rewarding way. What I'd like from you in return, is a high level of motivation. I'd also ask that you take responsibility for your progress on the journey.