Eat your way to great health and leanness

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21 Healthy, tasty recipes

Keep life simple and healthy with 21 predominantly lower carb, higher fat recipes. Includes a 7-day overview, showing daily recipes.
It couldn’t be easier!

Fish, Egg & Veg Meat Menu Plan

These nutritionally dense, healthy recipes will help you:
* become healthier & more energised
* lose unwanted body fat
* maintain ideal weight
* avoid boredom in the kitchen
* feel inspired to eat healthfully

I worked with Tanya to help me get my energy levels up. As a businesswoman and mom of three, I need all the energy I can get. When Tanya suggested increasing my fat intake, I thought I was either going to be dead in a month, or feel fabulous. The results are just astounding! This is the most energy I’ve ever had, my skin is great and my hair is a lot thicker. My friends tell me I’m glowing. For the first time in my life, my hormones have stabilised and I’m feeling absolutely great!

Judy Janse van Rensburg - Port Elizabeth, South Africa

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