Client testimonials

I met with Tanya to work on nutrition because she’s the only practitioner I know who has a true appreciation of the female body and how a woman’s needs are different. Following her assessment I adopted a keto carb-cycling eating plan that had a rapid impact on energy levels. I then decided to go for a full overhaul, and integrate my nutrition with training.

Having experienced a few trainers over the year, I was looking for something completely different and that’s exactly what I found in Tanya. She went above and beyond to understand every aspect of my body from a functional perspective, as well as what was driving my goals. She explained the difference in muscle fibre types and how different methods of training will impact on these fibres (and, consequently, help or hinder me in achieving my goals). Tanya combined a bespoke, personalised programme underpinned by science and physics, in which she has an incredible amount of expertise and knowledge.

The results speak for themselves! If you’re looking for an expert in optimising wellbeing through healthy living, eating and exercise, and a unique, fun, and positive coach with a great sense of humour, I recommend Tanya.

Suzanne Fowler, London

A year ago, I was too busy with work to think about my health or lifestyle – I had sleep problems with a head that was whizzing with thoughts through the day and as a consequence constantly felt exhausted.  I knew my diet was not good but tended to ignore it as I had no major health problems. Tanya helped me realise and – more importantly – DO something about my lifestyle in an encouraging and supportive way and her mentoring had a hugely positive impact on my family too! Time was taken to understand what I wanted to achieve (and what had prevented me from doing so up until now) and she was meticulous in her attention to detail. These sessions were my ‘sanctuary’ …I enjoyed them very much and learnt a great deal about myself. Now I feel positive and prepared both mentally and physically to take on whatever the future may hold – so my heartfelt thanks to Tanya for her continued enlightenment, encouragement, patience and complete professionalism.

Margaret Duggan, Bedford

The kids are getting used to not eating bread, which I think is the biggest adjustment. They even told their granny, who visited over lunchtime, that they don’t eat that unhealthy stuff anymore! I’ve been researching lots of recipes and we’re getting creative. They don’t miss sweets and biscuits and no longer ask for them. We are adjusting well and it’s been a fundamental change in the way we see food.

Kelsey Kalogeropoulos, Port Elizabeth

I’ve been in the fitness industry 20 years and have a fair amount of muscle mass. I don’t drop weight easily. I went to see Tanya as I needed to lose 3kg to stay within my weight category in my chosen sport. Her ideas were controversial to me (lol, I argued about every aspect with her), BUT hers is the ONLY eating plan that has given me the results I wanted. Even if I’m off sick or or injured, I maintain my weight and can “cheat” without issue.

Tharene Windsor, Port Elizabeth

I love that I have better posture and can now activate my butt and ab muscles. My body feels more aligned and now – when I run – my knees are in line with my feet (meaning my hips are stronger). With all this, my imbalances have disappeared, and so have any aches. Who needs Ironman now? THANK YOU Tanya! Best of all is that she keeps us coming back for more by giving us freshly grown herbs straight from her garden.

Adele van der Venter, Port Elizabeth

I joined Tanya’s classes two months ago, and I am so glad that I did. I found myself feeling frustrated with my body posture, weight and energy levels. Somewhere between my sedentary work and a busy family life, I realised that I had neglected to maintain a routine of consistent exercise, tending to go for outdoor activities like walking, hiking, mountain biking with the family. These were good for general wellbeing, but they just weren’t cutting it as a decent workout. While I considered myself to be in ‘okay’ general health, there was definitely room to improve on both my exercise and eating habits (more than I realised at the time!).  I had seen ‘The Happy Body’ advertised on social media, and it really appealed to me. So I signed up for Tanya’s Strength training classes and committed the time in my diary like any other important appointment.

Tanya’s holistic approach to the body and health immediately resonated with me. She is so professional and passionate about what she does. Her knowledge of the body, muscles and functioning is astounding and her eye for detail ensures that we master the technique of each exercise 100% before all else. I joined a strong, established class, which could have been intimidating, but instead it has proven to be inspiring and motivational due to Tanya’s efforts. She has spent individual time with me to make sure my brain and body are in sync, and I am working at the right pace and weight for my own body. She shares her opinions and insights in a direct and constructive manner, while still showing compassion and respect for each individual in the class.

Needless to say, I soon started seeing Tanya for nutrition coaching. This is where things really shifted for me. I was really impressed once again with her knowledge and approach, and I have as a result, made important changes in my and my family’s eating habits. Two months down the line, I am in control of my lifestyle (rather than it controlling me) and am seeing results that are rewarding and sustainable. No diets…I am working towards a ‘happy body’ with better food choices, and improved shape and posture from the exercise. And even better, my husband has joined and we are doing it together! Never again will ‘okay’ be enough. Thank you Tanya!

Susan McGoldrick, Ireland

Your classes are the best way to start my day. I love knowing that you’re checking what I do constantly… safely and gently pushing me to improve with each session. I also love feeling stronger and learning about how and why we do things a certain way. Easily the most rewarding gift I’ve given myself!

Linda Szuhanyi, Port Elizabeth

I’ve been working with Tanya for four months and have achieved more in that time than in two years at the gym! My body shape has changed, I’ve lots more energy and strength, I feel fantastic, and the aches and pains have disappeared. Tanya is a stickler for proper technique but I thank her for changing my life.

Jenny Callahan, Port Elizabeth

Until I started working with Tanya I had never stepped foot inside a gym! I was lacking confidence and self-esteem and felt pretty overawed by such a body-conscious environment. My fears were completely allayed by Tanya’s professional, friendly approach. We set sensible, realistic targets that felt very achievable, which of course motivated me hugely. What was particularly notable, was that she gave me no false hopes around how and by when, I could achieve my proposed goals – total honesty and transparency meant that I was able to commit the programme with a very clear idea of the outcome. I started to look forward to my training sessions and although it took a little time to see results (after all, I had been inactive for many years), when they did happen, they were fantastic and affected me both physically – through weight loss, increased muscle tone, improved posture, general body-shape change and heightened body awareness – and mentally – through increased confidence, self-esteem and well-being.  It was as if I had bought myself a whole new me! I am truly grateful to Tanya for helping me to achieve all this. She displayed total commitment to me, was consistent in her approach, offered great warmth and friendliness and above all, is the consummate professional. I would highly recommend Tanya to anyone looking to improve health and physical wellbeing.

Leonie Fallstrom, London

I was encouraged to strengthen my core as a last alternative to major back surgery, for an agonising and debilitating injury. I was referred to The Happy Body and spent several years doing rehab work with Tanya’s former partner, Stuart, progressing from being unable to get out of bed in the morning because of pain, to leading a fully functional, pain-free, active life. I then started attending Tanya’s classes and have enjoyed every minute of every class! The personal attention and encouragement from her is great and her passion for what she does is evident and is totally inspiring. The energy and friendly camaraderie within the class motivates me to push myself that little bit further each day and the results are amazing. Now in my forties, I’m stronger, fitter and leaner than I ever have. I  never did have that back surgery. Thank you!

Julia Mukheibir, Port Elizabeth

I attended one of your group classes recently, as I wanted to find out more about the “no breakfast” method.  Mervyn and I both started last week Monday with no breakfast in the mornings. We did not start extending breakfast slowly but started straight away with only eating at about 12:00/13:00, from day 1. As we do eat healthy anyway, we did not make any other changes to our eating habits. The first day I felt slightly nauseous at about 10:00, but nothing serious. I am not as hungry late afternoon/ at night anymore either, because we have a good meal at lunch time.It is amazing what it has done to my body already, in just over a week. I am losing weight; especially in the preferred areas most ladies like… tummy and hips. The best thing is – I am feeling good! I am glad we have changed to this routine.  Thank you for all your advice. 

Marion Raupert, Port Elizabeth

The first time I saw Tanya’s ad, I did a double-take. She claimed: “This is me at age 45. If I can do it, so can you!” Well, that was all the encouragement I needed! I haven’t been this excited in years to start “building” my dream body. I have been an avid runner and cyclist for a good couple of years, but have been feeling more and more despondent lately due to chronic niggling injuries and a general feeling of “getting older”. Session number one consisted of a thorough evaluation – Tanya is one of the most knowledgeable people I have EVER met when it comes to the human body (incorporating healthy nutrition and good self-image too). One cannot help but be excited and motivated by her sheer and tangible passion and joy she exudes when teaching. The most amazing thing (and I must say, I found it very odd at first, but I soon realised why) was that Tanya NEVER ever asked me to climb onto a scale. It was not about how much I weighed, but rather about how I perceived my body, how I nurtured it and how I worked out. This was REAL stuff – no empty promises and just a genuine approach to obtaining my goals. I have been with Tanya now for three months, training with her three times a week and I have never felt better. I feel stronger and energised – I think I am stronger now than I was in my twenties and thirties! My niggly injuries have disappeared and I am running and cycling again. My body has been transformed into a leaner, stronger unit and I look forward to each and every training session with Tanya. It is never too much or too boring and I cannot believe how quickly each session goes. I invested in myself by approaching Tanya and I am deliriously happy with my “returns”. Thank you T for turning my dreams into a reality and for being a real, yet such a down-to earth inspiring lady. 

Claudia Parker, Port Elizabeth

Tanya’s approach to living is unlike any other I have come across.  To say what Tanya has taught me has been life changing is an understatement.  She has taught me that food gives life and that it should be celebrated; that one should never feel guilt about food; that your body needs to be loved by you; and that there is another level of consciousness that we are mostly unaware of, but that has a huge impact on how we live.  So many health issues that I have learnt to live with have been totally eradicated. I have become addicted to Tanya’s enthusiasm. She is professional, comprehensive and meticulous. This is going to be a long process, but I am making small changes all the time towards a healthier me. For the first time in many years, I am not wishing for my 20 year old body because I understand that (with my new knowledge) I can be better than that – physically and spiritually. I’ve learnt to listen to my body.

Catherine Van Der Wolf, Cape Town

Having suffered from several illnesses during my life – many leading to hospitalisation – I was willing to try anything to lead a ‘normal’ life.  I spoke to a friend who had been a client of Tanya’s and had positive results, so I thought I’d give her a try. I am so glad I did!  Five months after starting with her, I hadn’t once been admitted to hospital, which for me is fantastic.  I’ve also been able to reduce my medication drastically and have developed a better outlook on life, which has given me a complete confidence boost. I’ve tried so many different diets in the past, none of which worked for me, particularly since I have always been on so much medication.  Since working with Tanya and eating correctly for my metabolic type, I have lost two stone and feel fantastic. Instead of this being a ‘diet’, it has become a way of life for me.  Everyone who knows me tells me how well I am looking – not just weight-wise, but also that I have a certain “glow” about me.

Philly Greenwood, London

I remember hearing about Tanya Wyatt when I was a young girl – she was a gorgeous dancer and I had a crush on her brother! So her name was no stranger to me when I kept seeing her “Happy Body” being advertised. I knew I had to do something proactive about my well being. When my precious son passed on a few years ago, I started trying to eat my pain away. I felt that if my tummy was full, it put so much pressure on my heart that it gave me a sense of control over the pain. I had to do something. I have always jogged (very slowly) from my early twenties and have enjoyed other forms of fitness and outdoor activities but I was unmotivated and lacking in strength. My future entails some serious sailing and for that I also need to be fit and strong (and look good in a cozzie:).

I joined Tanya’s strength training classes and am so grateful to her for her patience and incredible expertise. I love knowing that when I’m doing an exercise, I’m doing it properly and using the right muscle groups. Tanya ensures that this happens with her personalised classes. She gives explanations about the functioning of muscle groups and also shares general healthy lifestyle tips during our classes. Tanya is very encouraging.  I never thought I’d say this but I actually feel quite guilty if I am unable to make it to class, and even miss it! I feel stronger and healthier. I am happy with this lifestyle change and am motivated to keep improving. Tanya, thank you for your drive and focus and the fun and humour in class. Oh and you do make it look so easy, especially when you’re on that pole!!

Gill Vogel, Port Elizabeth

I was a classic case of “always eating, always hungry”. I couldn’t carry on with these out-of-control habits, but couldn’t face another yo-yo round of diet deprivation either. I found Tanya by chance and was immediately struck by her positivity and intelligence. With her help, I’ve broken my addiction to sugary foods and now have new eating habits that are really enjoyable. I’ve also made other positive changes to my life. Tanya’s focus is on health, not weight. I slightly regret not having weighed myself at the start, because I lost a lot of weight. Thank you Tanya, for putting me on the right track.

Anne Dollery, Port Elizabeth

I have been struggling with my weight since I had my children, so that makes it around 10 yrs now. I tried all sorts of diets and had short term results; I was hungry all the time and always stressing about what and what not, to eat. After a few sessions with Tanya, I’m glad to say that I’m now in a very happy place. No more stressing about meal times or about eating that piece of cake now and then! It’s such a good place to be and the weight is slowly going in the right direction. What a positive change this has made in my life. Thank you Tanya for your support and understanding…even through the tears!

Elizna Parsons, Port Elizabeth

I made an appointment with Tanya at an all-time low – stressed out by my city job, suffering insomnia and painful IBS – and was greatly reassured that she not only offered a comprehensive, professional and efficient service, but this was delivered with words of encouragement and sensitivity. Two months later I noticed a 50% improvement in my health, and this trend continued. I’d definitely recommend Tanya’s holistic approach and urge anybody who settles for anything less than perfect health to think again.

Rachel Willis, London

I started with Tanya a year ago very unsure about what the classes could do for me, and how they would be any different to other gym classes. Not only did she help me with nutrition, but the strength training classes proved to be life changing! Slowly but surely my body is changing and my muscle strength has improved tremendously. Our class is just the most amazing group of fun people and the session just flies by! I can really recommend Tanya’s classes – the sooner you start, the better for your body long term.

Lorna Milne, Port Elizabeth

Amazing changes happened in my life since doing Tanya’s programme. From a bloated, unhappy, adrenally-exhausted person, always eating, eating, the whole day long, to a happy body person, where mind, body and spirit are balanced as one. Content, happy, positive and energetic.  Thank you so much!

Del-Rio du Plessis, Port Elizabeth

I started doing the high fat/low carb diet on 1 April and have lost 8kg in 2 ½ months.  Blood results show that my liver is no longer fatty, my kidneys are functioning well and that my sugar is controlled. All this, with no snacking, no hunger, and plenty of energy.  I’m concentrating on ME now. I was a serious sugar addict!

Client, Cape Town

I’ve tried so many different diets in the past, none of which worked for me and I was always hungry. After my sessions with Tanya I find that I don’t think about food the whole time. I have lost, and am losing, weight and don’t feel guilty about the chocolate and fudge treats that sneak in from time to time.  Thank you very much.

Joan Shinn, Port Elizabeth

I met Tanya at a charity event, at which she was a speaker. I was impressed so I started training with her. I wasn’t overweight but needed to tone my body and Tanya had the best exercises for my needs. I lost 3kgs and my posture and balance improved hugely. I even went down a size and for the first time I’m very comfy in tights! I have more energy than ever before and feel good about my general condition and health. I can highly recommend Tanya and she has abs to die for!

Marlene Burger, Port Elizabeth

I started Tanya’s classes 3 months ago and I feel great!  I’ve never been an exercise person, but I’ve found something that’s fun and I didn’t realise I was progressing so quickly (my body fat percentage has dropped significantly). Tanya is very technical and guides me with explanations that make sense. I’m doing things I thought I’d never be able to do – from head stands to push ups. Together with her nutritional advice, I’ve never felt healthier, fitter and happier. I never want to stop! Thanks T.

Janet Ayerst, Port Elizabeth

I had no confidence in my ability to get better – I just didn’t want to get worse.  Tanya wasn’t ‘hard sell’ and didn’t treat me like a child, but gently insisted I take responsibility for my decisions, reiterated the benefits of eating well when I didn’t, and then  encouraged me to simply start again when my motivation faltered. She has re-educated me about how my body can feel – well, strong, and energised. I needed to change how I lived my life, and she helped me do just that.

Susie Tinsley - London

Next year I turn 40. So, in my 39th year I’ve made it my mission to become the best 40 year-old I can be. Tanya was recommended to me by a health professional for her nutritional knowledge, but once I found The Happy Body website and read Tanya’s biography I booked myself in to try her exercise classes. Have you seen what she looks like?! I have 3 kids between ages 7 and 10 and before starting with Tanya I was exhausted. I never had enough time for anything, especially exercise, and survived the day on coffee and comfort food. Surely life was meant to be better than that? So, I started the first class very apprehensively but eager to make a change. Would I enjoy it? Would I be able to keep up? What kind of people would be in my class? Of course I shouldn’t have wasted any time worrying. Right from the very first class my experience has been a positive one. Tanya is completely committed to every single person she coaches, regardless of age or ability. Her knowledge of the how’s and why’s of the body and the fuel it needs is exceptional, and one can’t help but be reassured by her calm teaching manner. I’ve been doing classes with Tanya for a few months now and am feeling so alive, focused and strong. I didn’t think it was possible to feel so different so quickly. I cannot wait for my class days – it means I’m spending time on making myself a better mum, wife and human being. And I am doing it alongside a fantastic bunch of class mates. I have 10 months to go until the big 4-0 and I can’t wait – I know it’s going to be good….and very, very happy!

Michelle Offerman, Port Elizabeth

I took my daughter to Tanya because she wanted to learn how to eat correctly.  After three months we both had a wealth of knowledge re how to eat healthfully and lead a healthier lifestyle. Thank you, Tanya, for enlightening us and encouraging Candice.

Merle Millar, Port Elizabeth

Tanya Wyatt has encouraged me and taught me to believe in myself. She has shown me how to lead a much healthier lifestyle without constantly stressing about food. In the process I learnt so much about my body and how it functions.  Thank you so much, Tanya!

Candice Millar, Port Elizabeth

Hi Tanya – I just again wanted to highlight the effectiveness of your “no breakfast theory”.  I was in Switzerland a few weeks ago, and while there, let it all hang out.  I stuffed myself with breads, beer, brakwurst, chocolate – you name it – from morning ‘til night I ate and drank.  Needless to say that within 2 weeks the weight was right up!  It’s been three weeks since my return and I started your “no breakfast” plan the very day I arrived back.  Today I was exactly 4kg down from my return weight.  I might add that this includes (yes, my bad) no strenuous exercise – the only exercise I do is a 30 minute walk with my dogs every day, and this is no sweat breaker.  I’ve never been a big exercise person, so this new structure is really working for me.  I have to say that I watch what I eat – only proteins, fats and salads with a few veggies like carrots and gems every few nights.  I’m currently back to the lowest I’ve ever weighed, but would really like to push for the last 3kg to prove to myself that I can achieve my ideal weight. Thank you for all your help and advice! Who would have thought NO BREAKFAST!!

Nicola Schwim, Port Elizabeth

Thanks for helping me finally fit back into my favourite jeans. It was a long and sometimes difficult journey, which took lots of patience and mindset changes on my part, and a LOT of guidance and understanding from Tanya. It is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix, and I still live my life and eat chocolate! My aim isn’t to be skinny, but to be healthy and happy. A work in progress, but with a positive mind and balance in all aspects, my body is much happier.

Raylene Derman, Port Elizabeth

I’m a mom of twins, aged 2 ½, and I had not slept through one night since birth! I used to get up at least six times a night. After adapting their diet in line with what Tanya recommended, I had immediate results. The twins are sleeping beautifully now – I still get the odd night where they might wake up once, but never more than that. I am forever grateful for the change Tanya has made in our lives … I only regret I didn’t meet her sooner! Haha.

Marlise truter, Port Elizabeth

I went to Tanya not expecting much from our session, but after I tried out the “no breakfast” approach and increased my fats it made such a difference in my life! I don’t think about food all the time. Tanya has changed my whole outlook on food.

Sonel Van Den Berg, Port Elizabeth

Thank you for your professional and uncomplicated way of dealing with nutrition. Your positive attitude, knowledge and encouragement gave me tools to change my lifestyle. I’m calmer, more alert, my energy levels are up, and I’ve lost 6,5kg!

Sharon Gravett, Port Elizabeth

I can vouch for this way of life. Why starve on a diet when you can be happy and fulfilled on a nutritional plan that actually works. The changes I I’ve seen in my family from a weight loss and emotional perspective have been amazing.

Janine Meyburgh, Port Elizabeth

We’ve seen definite changes in our bodies since starting Tanya’s classes. Muscles have developed as we’ve learnt to activate them and both our strength and stamina has improved. Classes are interactive and Tanya is great with assisting where needed.

Margie Kemp and Quintin Fisher, Port Elizabeth

As a teen, I had two desires with regards my body – to have more hair and to be heavier! Somehow I thought that would make me more of a MAN!  Age denied the first and carbs and gravity denied the second.  I got heavier; around my gut and not my upper body.  Those 10-13kg were with me for nearly 3 decades.  Following Tanya’s approach led me to lose 8 of those within 8 weeks.  Tanya didn’t massage my ego, she didn’t flagellate my conscience, there was no magic formula, no compulsory textbook, no boot camp torture routine.  Though It was an arm-wrestle on giving up breakfast.  A mix of approaches designed specifically around my body, and being guided through the jungle of health information has given me back an old friend.  My body.  My happy body.  It turns out it was never about weight, it was about reconnecting to me.  I missed me.  I walk a little taller.  I move a little easier.  The hair?  Even Tanya has limitations!

Gary Koekemoer, Port Elizabeth

Over the past few years I struggled with my weight, which ballooned to 105kg. I decided to join a gym and began working with a trainer. After a busy period at work I needed help with my eating habits so my trainer suggested I see Tanya. On meeting her, I was taken by her positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle. After a discussion regarding my current diet, Tanya put in place a simple plan to put me back on track. 

Within a short time changes became apparent and have been very dramatic. Not just from a physical standpoint but in my mental attitude too. After a further session with Tanya, I added supplements to my plan and this gave me a new lease on life. At 46, I’m feeling happy within myself. I can’t thank Tanya enough for her simple approach to nutrition and wellness. She helped me change my lifestyle, appreciate and love myself.

Lloyd Grose - London, England

I first heard about The Happy Body through word of mouth – always a good indicator – and what I had heard struck a chord with me. I wasn’t really sure of what to expect except that I knew I wanted better results in the gym and to learn to eat in a way that my body would respond to. I found the very first session such a good platform to start on, that I just wanted to keep going back to discover some more simple and effective tips on nutrition and lifestyle!  The sessions are really tailored to each person and their individual eating patterns and habits and I could always report an improvement in each area I tackled with Tanya. 

It’s an enjoyable discovery of oneself, and in no way painful! I would say whatever level you’re at in your knowledge of nutrition, there is always something new to discover. I really enjoy that I can have biltong and so many of the foods I really craved but that I had previously thought I was not ‘allowed’ to eat.  My craving for carbs and junk food has almost totally disappeared; I feel so much more alert, energized and ‘together’ and am able to last much longer at work, mainly thanks to more fats and oils.  At gym I’m bulking up nicely with the natural protein and whey foods I’ve been consuming.  My skin has also cleared up and I enjoy eating now, really guilt free! My grocery bill has in fact reduced, and there are so many economical tips, not to mention drawing one back to sources of whole, pure foods that cut out pesticides, additives, processing and non-gmo foods.  Just like gym and a lot of other things in life, nutrition is a lifelong journey, and I will continue to bring together all the basic elements in day to day life.  The biggest thing I have learned from Tanya thus far is to love what you eat, try new things and enjoy life.  Thanks! 

Andrew Reed, Port Elizabeth

It’s going well with my eating and exercise programmes. The extra fats help me feel full and I’m more energised with intermittent fasting.

Elize Botha, Port Elizabeth

I’ve lost 4kg following your advice. Overall I’m feeling better, more comfortable in my clothes. So thanks for the help.

Anthony Keogh, Port Elizabeth

I’ve taken the advice you gave me about using weights rather than just doing cardio exercises and I can see a big difference.

Pieter Boshoff, Port Elizabeth

Tanya Wyatt is amazing! I lost almost 15kg and my body is feeling very happy and I am never hungry. I recommend her highly.

Yolanda Vermeulen, Johannesburg

I’m a businessman and father of two kids. I found that the pressures of work and parenting made it near impossible for me to keep my weight at a personally acceptable level, despite trying exercise and various diets. After seeing Tanya, and following her simple yet clearly effective advice, I’ve dropped body weight by 10% over a period of 8 weeks and am 4kgs away from my high school athletic weight! I have no doubt that I’ll reach that ideal number and have a much happier body for it. I didn’t think it could be quite this simple!

Sean Martin, Port Elizabeth

Thank you for the advice you gave me. Meeting you was a blessing because now I feel leaner, stronger and full of energy and never loved living healthy like I do now! My condition is improving and every week I see results. Many people used to recommend a quick fix for getting lean, but that wouldn’t last forever and you opened my eyes to the fact that it’s better to invest in a body that will last long term in a condition that is natural and better looking. Thank you – one day when I’m a world champ, it will be because of you!

Vuyolwethu Mkhencele - Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Tanya is an AMAZING woman who is so passionate and knowledgeable about what she does. I started coming to her in January 2018 for nutritional help and joined her strength training classes in March 2018. I have never felt so good about myself. My strength and fitness have improved and I have so much energy. I consider myself lucky to have found Tanya and wholeheartedly recommend her to all interested in setting the foundation for improved physical wellness, and living a healthier lifestyle.

Tayla Everett, Port Elizabeth

I have been going to gym regularly from early on in life. I then started competing in ultra-distance sports and competed in a few Ironman competitions too. Life eventually got in the way and I really wanted to just get back in shape, but everything was too time consuming! Enter Tanya Wyatt’s “maximum-results-in-minimum-time” training classes. Finally someone’s taught me the proper technique, and I could feel it working from day one. Two years later, I feel stronger, I have a core again, and I still go to training twice a week. This is an investment in myself for a healthy and strong future! Thank you Tanya, for helping me achieve this.

Dave Parker, Port Elizabeth

Having been a client of Tanya’s for many years I can say that the benefit I derive from her classes is well worth the cost. With Tanya’s classes you have the benefit of motivation, class community, a flexible training schedule, nutritional advice and targeted exercises which are very well explained and supervised under Tanya’s eye. Tanya has a keen passion for her trade as well as her healthy living philosophy and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure her clients are well informed of how the body works to get the best out of their workout. No matter your age or strength/fitness level, Tanya will set you on a path to a happy body.

Michael Tucker, Port Elizabeth

I really enjoy my morning session. It is encouraging, challenging, and I feel invigorated for the rest of the day. I can see a big improvement in strength and tone.

Greg Milne, Port Elizabeth

The most enjoyable, positive, energising, life-changing fifty minutes of my day! Thank you so much Tanya:)

Nicolene McDonald, Port Elizabeth

My six-pack is hiding there somewhere and, through Tanya’s enjoyable classes, she’s helping me find them.

Sven Mahieu, Port Elizabeth

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