Tanya Wyatt, Happy Valley pond

It burns my arse when peeps moan about their bodies, but do NOTHING to change or improve the situation!

“I’ve got a fat stomach and just can’t get rid of it.” Wail wail, gnash gnash.

Making changes

Mmmm, perhaps you could try fasting till noon, eating real food, eliminating sugar and gluten from your diet, and then take a look at your stress levels. Think you’ll die without breakfast? Don’t have the time to prepare good food? Can’t live without sugar? Find it too hard to avoid gluten? Can’t change your current job? Well then, sit down and shut up because NOTHING’s going to change. Your stomach will continue to grow and you’ll get madder and sadder until one day you’ll wake up (or not) and realise that you’re just bullshitting yourself by finding excuses not to change.

Too hard

Sadly though, you’re not alone – we all do this to some extent. But why? We’re an intelligent species and yet we seem to spend so much time in a state of denial about the truth of our situation. We consciously want to change, but sub-consciously find twenty-seven “good” reasons not to. Change is hard. Nobody ever said otherwise. The stuff that demands our immediate attention (day-to-day life), distracts us from the stuff that’s long-term important or desirable (our physical or health goals). And besides, we’re hardwired to exist in patterns of behaviour, so breaking habits is bloody hard. But change is good because it keeps us mentally flexible and open to experiencing new things. Changing also means that we’re prepared to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions. Not changing means the exact opposite.

My arse

Which leads to the other thing that burns my (not insignificant) arse: people telling me I’m lucky I’ve got a good body! Huh????????? Oh yes, I was born with a good shape; I’m really fortunate that way – I haven’t really had to do/change anything to create/keep it. What a pleasure (see more in “Loving the pudding I am”).

Are you off your trolley? I don’t know ANYONE who is more specific about what, when and how she eats, drinks, sleeps, breathes, moves, and thinks! Yes, I let my hair down too, but I can afford to because most of the time it’s up!! I changed my entire life to be in this state of health and shape…


This feels like a rant. I didn’t mean for it to be, but please – if you’re one of those people who’s desperately unhappy about an aspect of your body/health/life – for grief’s sake, do something about it. Even if it’s one, itsy little change. Lots of those will = success over time, which will = a more satisfied, fulfilled, happier you. What could be better than that?

See you at the doughnut stand!