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Movement is defined by the body’s motion in a non-specific way. Whether housework, gardening, grocery shopping or walking the dog. It tends to be something we do naturally throughout our day. While exercise is movement, it’s a more formal aspect of physical activity. I tend to promote regular daily movement over exercise alone. But I’ll help you explore the best type/s of exercise for your unique needs and goals. And I’ll look for the most efficient and effective ways to do this. I’ll also help you build regular movement into your daily life. After all, the benefits of both movement and exercise are profound!


If movement is vital, exercise should be enjoyable. Ever tried the hard-core, sweat-to-death routines, but given up soon after starting?  It’s hard to stay motivated when you see that mountain in front of you! For sure, there are some benefits to high intensity exercise. I always suggest a little of it, but in a “short ‘n sweet” way.  You can also reap huge gains from slower, more focused )and comfortable) training. This is especially important for avoiding injury. My passion lies here, and it’s how we’ll get you strong, toned and resilient.


Women lose around 3% muscle mass per decade after the age of 30. In the 5-7 years following menopause, bone density can decline by up to 20%. Training against resistance can protect against this, and offers other enormous benefits, including:
* increased muscular strength, control and balance (resulting in decreased risk of injury)
* reduced blood pressure, rheumatoid and osteoarthritic pain
* decreased symptoms of depression, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and sleep disorders
* a reduction in, or prevention of, cognitive decline in older people
* improved posture and functional movement for everyday living
* the best non-surgical alternative for remedying back problems
And finally, resistance training will tone your body, which will undoubtedly make you feel good!


Do you want a toned and strong body? Or maybe a slim one with low muscle mass? Your answer to these questions will determine your programme approach. So, be sure to give your goal some thought before spending time and energy on it. Either way, your goal should easily fit your lifestyle now, and into the future.  

Bodies Movement


Training with good form helps you avoid injuries. It also ensures the best outcome in every exercise. And it builds a strong “engine” – an engaged, stable core and trunk. Once this engine has power, you can focus on your ‘chassis’ – the limbs. No sleek and sexy sports car ever existed without a potent engine!


Exercise should mimic everyday activities. Functional strength helps you handle your daily demands. Do you ever keep your body utterly still and use a limb in isolation? Even opening a jar needs more than just arm or hand muscles. Whether gardening, dancing, or vacuuming, be stronger and better equipped to enjoy life.

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