Women's Health Coach

Women’s Health Coach

Empower your wellness journey with me,
Tanya Wyatt

Tailored wellness solutions

Women's health coach

Women's health coaching

Unlock your optimal wellbeing with my personalised Women’s Health Coaching programme. I offer tailored solutions for your unique health journey.

Menopause health

Menopause blueprint

Feeling the struggle of menopause symptoms like weight gain, restless nights and fatigue? Embark on a personalised journey with me, Tanya Wyatt, to rediscover your vibrant self.

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Pilates mat strength

Experience the perfect blend of Pilates and strength training for maximum results. Whether you prefer on-demand sessions at your own pace or personalised one-on-one programmes in the comfort of your own home, I’ve got you covered.

Thousands of women have transformed their lives with my uniquely personalised approach

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My unique wellness approach

Discover the power of my unique wellness approach, meticulously crafted over three decades. I’ve devoted years of research to understanding the intricate balance of physical, mental, and hormonal wellbeing that women navigate. With precision and care, I identify your individual challenges, guiding you towards transformative changes. Join the community of women who’ve embraced a healthier, happier life through scientifically-based, personalised coaching. Your journey to optimal wellbeing begins here.

What my clients say

Georgia Bennett-Baggs
Georgia Bennett-Baggs
Tanya is fantastic to work with, her range of Pilates and strength sessions have made such a difference. Noticed a positive I’ve change in how I move and stand in a very short space of time. The work on my core and stabilising muscles in our sessions has also meant I am more effective in other workouts I do outside of sessions. I would recommend to all.
Philippe Rapin
Philippe Rapin
Working with Tanya from over 2 years has evolved from fitness coach to personal training + health coach. I've discovered that she combines her life time passion for the human body mechanics and psychology to provide a service that not only are continuously meeting my fitness goals but have expanded into a much more balanced body and mind awareness. Thank you Tanya for your kindness and support !
Jamie Elliott
Jamie Elliott
Our 6-year-old boy was recently diagnosed with focal epilepsy and prescribed the usual medication, which unfortunately had some behavioural side effects. We were subsequently introduced to Tanya by a friend who suggested that his epilepsy could be controlled through simple changes to his diet and lifestyle. In the five months we have been working with Tanya, his seizures have lessened in intensity, and we have noticed an overall improvement in his general well-being. Tanya has empowered our family to explore alternative approaches to nutrition and lifestyle, and this has had a positive impact on all of us. If only all health professionals were as open-minded and less concerned with the conventional medical narrative that we are often led to believe. It has truly been an eye-opener. Thank you. 🖤
Tori Johnson
Tori Johnson
I worked with Tanya to improve my 1 year old little boys diet. He was still breast feeding throughout the night but had a poor appetite during the day. He had multiple food intolerances which meant he was free from dairy, soya and eggs for some time. Tanya encouraged me to trial increasing different food groups within his meals. After one week I noticed improved satiety and sleep. Baby sleep is never linear, along came illness and teething and we took a step back, but Tanya was very supportive throughout and encouraged me to remain true to my responsive parenting style and continue to work on his diet with everything else falling into place one the foundation was laid. And it absolutely did! After working with sleep coaches, online courses, and reading books written by sleep experts, my baby started to sleep through the night! I can’t thank Tanya enough. I definitely have a more happy baby, and I’m a happier mum!
sherry watkiss
sherry watkiss
Tanya is a wealth of information combined with a keen eye of where you can work to improve your overall wellness. She takes multiple things into consideration during her nutrition assessments and always comes back with solid advice! Would highly recommend Tanya as a health coach to anyone who is wanting to better their health and wellness.
Denise Kerr
Denise Kerr
Hello Tanya, I am very grateful for your efforts in this field. I enjoy your easy approach and non judgemental, yet firm handling of tricky situations - to me that is! Your extensive research and knowledge means that I do not have to do it myself. Thank you for your continued inspiration in keeping me on a MUCH healthier path towards maintaining good health.
Rene Vine
Rene Vine
Tanya is extremely knowledgeable regarding Women's Health, nutrition and menopause related issues, as well as lifestyle and exercise.
Maria Rapin
Maria Rapin
I have been working with Tanya as my personal trainer in London for over a year now. Her deep level of knowledge and expertise around around all things body was apparent immediately. At our first assessment session, she was able to zero in on areas I wanted to work on just from watching me walk across the room. She incorporates pilates techniques and exercises for highly efficient strength and conditioning coaching that meets you where you are. She is able to understand how your age, body chemistry, and nutrition impact functional training. She is also just a gem of a person and fun to be around. I highly recommend Tanya to men or women looking to improve all dimensions of their physical health.
Jeanne Willemstein
Jeanne Willemstein
A friend recommended Tanya when I mentioned 'eating and living clean'. At our first session I was blown away by Tanya's knowledge on nutrition, along with her 'walking the talk', showing that it can be done. She also taught me the 80/20 principle, which is great for moderation as a whole. She makes sense of how your body processes and reacts to what you eat. My choices relating to what goes into my body have changed completely, in a healthy way. Go for it, I'd highly recommend Tanya!
Jane Pikett
Jane Pikett
Life-changing! Having suffered from stomach pain and bloating all my life, I thought that was just how I was made – until I met Tanya. Now aged 55, I am at last fully pain and bloating free, and my life is fully transformed! This is thanks to Tanya’s detailed, science-based approach and simple lifestyle fixes which have changed everything. I’m no longer consumed by fatigue post-lunch, I’m no longer gripped by pain and bloating every day by late afternoon. Thanks to her specialist nutritional advice, epigenetic expertise and amazing Mat Strength Pilates programme I’m energised, in great shape, and happier than I’ve been for years. I can’t thank you enough Tanya – you’re simply magic!

Pillars of health

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Strong. Toned. Resilient. Regular activity – not just exercise – is vitally important. Movement alone can impact heart health and longevity, as well as fat utilisation and storage. It also improves posture. Together, we’ll design your best exercise programme, helping you lead a more active and energised lifestyle.

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Lean. Healthy. Energetic. Your body’s wellbeing depends on what you expose it to, including food quality, water, sleep habits, breathing, and other environmental factors. We’ll make positive changes to optimise your gene performance and nourish your body effectively.

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Motivated. Educated. Capable. Optimal health begins with your mindset. As a holistic health coach in the UK, I’ll help you understand the profound effects of viewing your ‘self’ and your body. Your thoughts and feelings are crucial in supporting or detracting from optimal health. Together, we’ll harness the power of your mind to influence your life on an energetic level.

Embrace Menopause
On-demand Programme
Discover EMBRACE: Your On-Demand Menopause Solution. Dive into essential topics at your pace with 10+ hours of expert-led videos. Nutrition, gut health, sleep, stress management, and more—all conveniently accessible whenever you need.