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+15 hrs coaching + 3 mnths strength classes


Includes online classes. Build a flexible approach to diet, lifestyle & mindset. Use female hormone phases to manage weight. Discover fat burning secrets, and your body’s unique food language. Learn health-supporting food cooking/storing techniques too.

3×30 min classes weekly

£150 mnthly

Train every area of your body weekly. Become toned, improve body shape & build a powerful core too. Develop better strength for everyday activities. Also reduce risk of poor posture & injury. A 30 minute online assessment is required before joining.

+ 6 hrs coaching + 2 mnths strength classes


See your health in graph format, showing where to unlock weight loss & health gains. Learn your body’s food language + how to eliminate cravings. Get personal suggestions for effective dietary changes too. Create an action plan for your goals + motivating check-ups.

Menopause Health Coaching Programme

Take control of your menopause experience. See your health in graph format, showing where to unlock weight loss & health gains. Gain physical strength, good posture, a toned body, and vibrant health. Create a lifestyle that supports your goals in a sustainable way. Cultivate a positive mindset and sense of self-value too. Build a flexible approach to your diet and lifestyle. Learn about your body’s unique “food language” and your peri/menopause phases. Enjoy fat burning secrets too .


My strength coaching classes will help you become stronger and more resilient. You’ll also offset poor posture and have better tone, shape and energy. Workouts are efficient, giving you better results faster. And my focus on technique reduces risk of injury too. Sessions are educational and personalised. My approach to training efficiently means that your progress is steady and quick. I apply the science that governs training, so each move helps you meet your goals.


kickstart_health_510x288 Coaching programmes

View a full assessment of your health in graph format. This gives insight into areas that aid weight loss and health gains. We’ll also unpack your diet and note its impact on your health and weight. This allows personal suggestions for fast and effective dietary change. Also learn your body’s unique food language + how to eliminate cravings. Create an action plan, with regular check-ups to help you stay motivated.

Corporate HEALTH Programme

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School HEALTH Programme

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