Tanya Wyatt, Happy Valley pond

There seems to be a fair amount of controversy around detoxification protocols and whether or not they’re necessary or even safe. Too much is made of them being the answer to everything health-wise. It’s also true that we are exposed to many more toxins in our modern world, than in previous times. Couple this with very poor eating, drinking and lifestyle habits, and there seems to be a need for supporting overworked detoxification organs such as the liver, lungs, bowels, skin and kidneys.

Cleaning out your house

One of the largest elimination organs, the bowels, should ideally have a ‘movement’ between one and three times daily. The average person can go sometimes two or three days without a movement.  This means that toxins previously ready for elimination after a meal was digested and assimilated, are possibly reabsorbed. This has the potential to cause ill-health.

Before you go on a detox programme

There are some very sound and helpful detoxification protocols available to the public. Do these under supervision and not as a first port of call when looking to improve your health.  In fact, they can make you very sick if you’re not in a state of health to deal with the consequences of releasing toxins back into circulation. Generally speaking, before you look at any kind of detoxification programme, you should already be:

  • Eating good quality, unprocessed food
  • Aiming to eat a good percentage of your food raw
  • Drinking clean, filtered water regularly
  • Having regular bowel movements (at least 1 X daily)
  • Exercising in some form daily

Detoxification programmes worth their salt will require you to be doing all of the above. You should also take good quality supplements or fast, specific to the particular organ you’re looking to cleanse. Many old, tried and trusted techniques and therapies have a very important place alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Colonic irrigation is one such option. It can help rid the colon of any impacted fecal matter, resulting in better nutrient absorption through the colon wall. In addition, coffee enemas (easily self-administered) are useful in aiding the liver in its processes of detoxification.They also assist the colon in its activities of elimination. Protocols for bowel, kidney, skin, cell, liver and gall-bladder cleanses can all aid the body. These allow detoxification and elimination organs a well-deserved break and an opportunity to improve in function, leaving you healthier and more energised.