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This session starts your journey on the menopause diet programme. It’s your health review in which we’ll evaluate your health graph (based on the questionnaire) and diet. This indicates best direction for helping you achieve your menopause goals.
60 minutes, 1-2-1 online

In addition to the above, a further hour online 1-2-1 session is available to you. Use this in 30-60 minute appointments, any time during the nutrition programme.

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1. Becoming familiar with the food groups (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) will help you make better choices into the future. We’ll be aiming for an overall lower carb intake (menopause dictates this), so it’s imperative that you understand which foodstuffs comprise this particular macronutrient.
2 x 30 mins

2. Because of falling hormone levels and the resulting insulin resistance, the ketogenic diet coupled with carb cycling + intermittent fasting are the fastest and safest ways I know how to ensure you remain in good health while keeping lean.
2 x 30 mins

3. Optimising hydration offers many benefits, including improving leanness and increasing energy. More importantly, the body’s biochemical processes require cells to be hydrated so – for healthy bodily function – it makes sense to drink sufficient water (along with sufficient amounts of salt).
30 mins

4. Understanding your body’s unique food language helps establish what mix of carbs, proteins and fats best serves your body. Now you can feed yourself optimally and realise ideal weight and good health. Since cravings tend to come out of incorrect fueling these will be a thing of the past.
45 mins

5. The importance of optimal digestion and gut health can’t be overestimated. It’s our first line of defence against any pathogen and it’s profoundly affected by the hormonal changes that occur in menopause. Keeping it happy will keep you happy.
45 mins


1. Changing habits is difficult to do, there’s no doubt! But change them you can – the key is in how you approach the changes, as well as what your expectations of them are. There are some fail-proof ways to make adjustments to your current lifestyle habits. You only need the will to want it:)
30 mins

2. It’s important to set personal goals and then create an action plan that will become your blueprint for the future life you envisage for yourself. It’s a living, “breathing” document that sticks with you through thick and thin. Just like your dog.
30 mins