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kickstart_health_510x288 Kick-Start Nutrition Coaching

View a full assessment of your health in graph format. This gives insight into areas that aid weight loss and health gains. We’ll also unpack your diet and note its impact on your health and weight. This allows personal suggestions for fast and effective dietary change. Also learn your body’s unique food language + how to eliminate cravings. Create an action plan, with regular check-ups to help you stay motivated.


WHO: Men and Women

WHERE: Online; one-to-one

WHEN: One-to-one coaching scheduled in the week, + on-demand coaching. Online classes (2 months): 30 minutes, 3 x weekly, on demand

WHY: Become a leaner, healthier and more energetic version of you. Use the tools we provide to change your daily eating habits and lifestyle choices. This allows you to achieve your goals without starving or over-training. View the state of health of all your bodily systems on a graph. (From gut, liver, thyroid, and adrenals, to hormones, mood, immunity, kidney/bladder and more.) This gives you insight into health issues blocking fat loss or health gains. Boost your efficacy and motivation too. And build further positive elements into your habits and lifestyle.

HOW: The assessment session offers you a picture of your health. This allows you to see where your key issues lie. Walk away with an initial 4-5 changes. These typically start to impact positively within a week or two. Follow-up sessions provide deeper insight and discussion of next-stage changes. This programme offers 6.5 hours of coaching over 2 months. This is a mix of 1-2-1 and on-demand coaching. Also included are on-demand strength classes for the same period.



You’re going to start by completing the health assessment questionnaire. The information gives a visual representation of your state of health. This allows us to see where your hurdles to weight loss or health gains lie. With this knowledge, we can be specific and effective with lifestyle changes.

It will also help you keep track of how your physical, mental and emotional states respond to changes you make in your eating habits, priorities, supplement programme, social and family life, level of physical activity and time spent on personal growth. (This questionnaire is provided courtesy of Metagenics.)


Screenshot-2021-06-25-at-07.44.48 Kick-Start Nutrition Coaching
HAQ-screenshot Kick-Start Nutrition Coaching

Green scores indicate that the system in question is faring well. An orange score suggests moderate stress on that system. A red score, however, indicates high stress.