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Nourishment is about everything you expose your body to on a regular basis. These things profoundly impact the expression of your health. The process  starts with assessing your food and eating habits. Diet tends to comprise the greater part of the nourishment work. But we go a step further to evaluate your daily lifestyle habits too. This includes issues relating to sleep, breathing, grounding, sunlight, electromagnetic radiation and day-to-day pollutants and contaminants. Our approach assesses your “weak spots”, and steers you onto a healthier path.


Take control of your eating habits without feeling deprived or starved. You’ll start a lifelong healthy eating journey, enjoying “bliss” foods too. We’ll review your health using an in-depth questionnaire. Results, in graph form, show your state of health and areas of weight/health blocks. We’ll also assess your current diet and look for leverage for positive change. Personalised advice is given for effective weight loss and health gains. This work is about providing maximum nourishment to your body and mind.


There are no diets involved in our nutritional approach! Sure, we can use tools to get you losing fat and gaining health fairly quickly. But all within the context of eating healthfully most of the time. (We purposefully include “some-of-the-time” foods too). To help you succeed with your goals we have a long list of tools. Things like intermittent fasting,  bespoke nutrition, and addressing your health graph. Also, specific activities, and activating certain fat stores can help. On the lifestyle side of things, we’ll look at your daily habits. Do they nourish your health (and thus your goals)? Or do they encourage suppressed immunity, weight gain, and low energy?


You’re going to start by completing the health assessment questionnaire. This form tests your various bodily systems. Your gut, liver, thyroid, adrenals, and hormones are assessed. Also, mood, kidneys, immunity, central nervous system and more are covered. Results are shown in a graph so that we can see a picture of your health. It gives low, moderate or high scores for each system. This allows us to see where your hurdles to weight loss or health gains lie. With this knowledge, we can be specific and effective with lifestyle changes.

We’ll also complete a thorough diet assessment. Your food intake will show us whether diet is hurting or helping your goals. Adding healthy nutrients, while reducing problem foods is our starting point. A gentle, but effective way to begin the journey to better health and weight.

The graph will help keep track of your physical, mental and emotional states. These will respond to changes in your eating habits, priorities, supplement programme, social and family life, level of physical activity and time spent on personal growth. (Questionnaire provided by Metagenics.)


Screenshot-2021-06-25-at-07.44.48 Nourishment
HAQ-screenshot Nourishment

Green scores indicate that the system in question is faring well. An orange score suggests moderate stress on that system. A red score, however, indicates high stress.