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Mindset covers how you view your “self” and your body. It’s about how well you can distinguish that they are separate entities. One has little to do with the other in the context of self-value. At the same time, it’s about understanding how they’re intertwined, affecting each other in subtle yet powerful ways. It covers how your daily thoughts either support or detract from optimal health. And finally, it’s about understanding how you exist on an energetic level. It’s also about your capacity to influence things in your life through this knowledge.


Adapt your habits so that you can maintain them for life. Give up the idea of diets, a “perfect” body, and “magic” solutions. Our coaching approach is thorough and effective. And it will help you achieve your best body ever for life! Trying to change a habit without changing your subconscious mindset is tough. It’s like putting new code into old software. To succeed, you need new software. I’m going to help you create your new software programme.


Ever yo-yo dieted? Joined a gym and left after a few visits? Tried, but failed, to feel better about your body? Your daily thoughts can support or sabotage your health/weight. Becoming aware of your mindset is crucial to successful change. Taking care of your health and wellbeing isn’t a selfish act. It’s a way of ensuring you’re the healthiest, happiest version of you. This is an important approach for yourself and your loved ones.


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Repetition is key to maintaining positive habits. Our brains create networks of neurons that support ways of thinking (and doing). So we need to create fresh networks that support new thinking/doing. This will help us change over the long term. But it takes time, patience and energy to ensure that the new habits (and mindset) stick.

Stress often leads to negative habits. Therefore, it’s useful to be aware of your normal responses and what triggers them. I’ll help you create leverage to maintain a degree of control over stress. Having a sense of control offers the least damaging reaction to stress. This is vital for good health over the long term. We’ll create chances to ease up the pressure you’re experiencing. This approach makes space for new and positive habits, even if just relaxation.


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Many people believe they’re “lazy” when it comes to making key life changes. But this isn’t actually true. Your level of incentive for a task relates to the barriers your subconscious mind has put up. These barriers obviously block success. We’ll unpack them to facilitate better motivation into the future.

Once you know what healthy habits you’d like to bring in, we’ll focus on practicing. Think about when you first learnt to ride a bike. You set the basics into a pattern which your body followed in time without real thought. In essence, it created a shortcut to the action. We all set up shortcuts in our subconscious minds. This allows our brains to process data without all other tasks ceasing. To change negative shortcuts our brain needs to learn new ways of responding.