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Menopause is something every woman goes through. It’s a natural stage but it can be a tough one. When the familiar “you” changes radically, it’s sometimes hard to see your way through. You don’t have to struggle! There’s lots you can do to ease the symptoms that come with “mentalpause”.

Let me help you take charge of your menopause experience:

* Bring your life and body back into balance
* Enjoy mental clarity, steady moods and vibrant health once again
* Improve posture, tone your body and strengthen your pelvic floor
* Create a lifestyle that supports your goals sustainably and easily
* Lose (or avoid) typical menopausal midriff fat
* Reduce your risk of osteoporosis and ensure ideal cholesterol levels
* Sleep more soundly and manage hot flushes
* Reduce anxiety and depression and cultivate a positive mindset
* Build a flexible approach to diet, lifestyle and mindset 


WHO: Women who are peri, menopausal, or postmenopausal, or who have an interest in the subject

WHERE: Online classes + one-to-one, and on-demand coaching

WHEN: One-to-one coaching scheduled in the working week, + on-demand coaching
Online classes (3 months): 30 minutes, 3 x weekly, on demand

WHY: Improve your quality of life through better hormone balance. Enhance mental clarity and mood stability. Also, become physically stronger, and increase energy levels. Regain ideal body shape and weight, strengthen pelvic floor, and improve sleep. Increase resistance to stress and enhance health and longevity. Achieve your desired physical, emotional and lifestyle goals.

HOW: This programme covers over 15 hours of coaching. This is a mix of 1-2-1 and on-demand coaching sessions over 3 months. Also included are on-demand strength classes over the same period.

YOUR INVESTMENT: £555 one-off payment; or 3 x £230 monthly payments


Below are the topics covered on the menopause programme. All sessions, barring the first, are pre-recorded and available on demand. Links to 4 hours of on-demand sessions are provided monthly (i.e. 12 hours over 3 months). In addition to the below sessions, you have 2 hours of online 1-2-1 sessions, for use by the half-hour, or as 60-minute sessions, at any point over the programme. Access to online total body strength classes is also included over the 3-month period.

1. Become familiar with best food choices
2. Manage cravings and weight stability
3. Eat right for you, your goals and your health
4. Hydrate for better energy and leanness
5. Hacks for keeping good weight

6. Reduce toxins and increase antioxidants for health

1. Why change is hard and how to do it anyway
2. Ensure your success
3. Reduce cortisol impact on health and aging
4. Stay motivated: create easy habits that last a lifetime 

1. Supplements for a comfortable menopause
2. Reduce bloating, gas, and heartburn
3. Optimise heart health
4. Improve wellbeing through the great outdoors
5. Reduce malignant environmental factors for long term health
6. Clean out your house: detoxifying for longevity and leanness

1. Sleep and breathe for a better daily experience
2. Pave the way for your best body
3. Exercise to build strength for everyday life
4. Stay strong in the core and pelvic floor


You’re going to start by completing the health assessment questionnaire. The information gives a visual representation of your state of health. This allows us to see where your hurdles to weight loss or health gains lie. With this knowledge, we can be specific and effective with lifestyle changes.

It will also help you keep track of how your physical, mental and emotional states respond to changes you make in your eating habits, priorities, supplement programme, social and family life, level of physical activity and time spent on personal growth. (This questionnaire is provided courtesy of Metagenics.)


Screenshot-2021-06-25-at-07.44.48 Menopause
HAQ-screenshot Menopause

Green scores indicate that the system in question is faring well. An orange score suggests moderate stress on that system. A red score, however, indicates high stress.