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• Reclaim your physical & mental health
• Get leaner, stronger & healthier
• Work with your body’s ‘food language’
• Boost energy levels
• Improve mental clarity, wellbeing & motivation​​

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Your menopause coaching journey

Complete my in-depth health questionnaire, then choose to work with me 1:1 or complete my 3-month online programme.

The online 3-month programme combines 1:1 and on-demand coaching over 14+ hours, including access to my on-demand Pilates mat strength workout library (worth £75) and my Menopause Nutrition Programme (worth £390).


Online programme modules

Health and Diet Assessment

This is the start of your exciting journey. I use a scientifically proven health questionnaire to evaluate your needs, your body type and ‘food language’, and the red zones which underlie your menopause symptoms.
Session time: 60 mins online 1:1

In addition to the above, a further 2 hours online 1:1 coaching and support is available to you to use at any time during the programme.

Weight Management and Diet


1. Become familiar with food groups – Understand carbohydrates, proteins and fats to make better choices for your body, including enjoying the lower carb lifestyle that menopause needs.
50 mins

2. Eat for your goals and your health – Tackle depleted hormone levels and resulting insulin resistance by understanding how a ketogenic lifestyle coupled with carb cycling and intermittent fasting are the quickest and safest ways to gain and maintain good health while keeping lean.
50 mins

3. Hydrate for energy and a leaner body – Understand how to optimise hydration for improved leanness, increased energy, and more efficient bodily biochemical processes.
30 mins

4. Manage cravings and stabilise your weight – Understand your body’s unique food language to establish the mix of carbs, proteins and fats for you. Feed yourself optimally for your ideal weight and say goodbye to cravings.
45 mins

5. Achieve and maintain your best weight – Activate brown fat stores to quickly and easily reduce body fat without physical activity. Control blood sugar levels to ensure long-term leanness and good health.
15 mins

6. Reduce toxins and increase antioxidants – Understand the terms organic, healthy, free range etc. to make the best decisions for you, and learn to prepare, cook and store your food to optimise nutrients.
30 mins



1. Why change is hard and how to do it anyway – People say habit change can be difficult, but with this module you learn that the key to success is in the way you approach change. This includes fail-safe ways make positive changes to your lifestyle habits.
30 mins

2. Ensure your success – Set personal goals and create an action plan that becomes your blueprint for life. This is a living document that sticks with you, guiding you now and into the future.
30 mins

3. Reduce cortisol impact on health and ageing – Stress literally keeps us alive, but in today’s world, we’re more negatively stressed than ever before. Understand how building stress resilience is key to your health, leanness and self-fulfilment.
20 mins

4. Stay motivated: create easy habits that last a lifetime – Learn how to create a more positive mindset, working with your emotional state to create habits that last a lifetime.
45 mins

Menopause Health


1. Reduce bloating, gas, and heartburn – Learn how digestion and gut health defend against pathogens and how to manage the hormonal changes that affect it.
35 mins

2. Optimise heart health and mitigate menopause symptoms – Understand how cholesterol protects menopausal women against heart disease and cancer, and learn how supplements specific to the symptoms associated with menopause can change your life for the better.
30 mins

3. Improve wellbeing through the great outdoors – Become aware of sunlight’s multiple health benefits, the most profound of which is protection against cancer. In addition, going barefoot (or finding other ways to ground yourself) can enhance your health and your daily experience, while giving you time outdoors.
20 mins

4. Reduce malignant environmental factors – Radiation is the emission of energy from any source, natural or manmade, and radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation (information-carrying waves) is particularly harmful to health. Given that digital technology forms an integral part of our lives and that EMR drives much of that technology, this is your key to understanding how to mitigate its negative effects.
30 mins

5. Clean out your house: detoxifying for longevity and leanness – Our bodies have a series of built-in detox pathways that keep us in a “clean”, healthy state. Learn how contaminants and pollutants load enormous weight on these pathways and how best to support them to boost longevity and leanness.
30 mins

6. Sleep and breathe for a better daily experience – Practising good breathing technique can’t be overemphasised, especially within the context of pelvic floor function. It can also help with calming the mind and body, impacting on sleep quality too. Menopause profoundly affects sleep, so finding ways to increase both quality and quantity of sleep during this phase of shifting hormone levels is imperative.
30 mins

Exercise and Strength

1. Pave the way for your best body – Understand the benefits of daily movement and exercise, and understand the most effective choices for your lifestyle.
30 mins

2. Exercise to build strength for everyday life – The impact of menopause on our bodies is significant, but it doesn’t have to be disastrous. Understand which exercise to include and which to avoid to manage hormonal changes.
2 x 30 mins

3. Strengthen your core and pelvic floor – Strengthen your core and pelvic floor, and boost control in bowel movements, urination and sexual intercourse.
30 mins

Online programme cost:

£555 or 2 x £230 monthly payments

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