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Our corporate ‘wholeness’ programme is comprehensive and holistic. We use distinct tools for measuring success, so you can properly gauge outcomes.

The wholeness programmes we offer consists of modules based on key health topics. These modules will help your staff develop happy bodies and minds in the workplace. Prevalent conditions in the workforce tend to include lifestyle diseases. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes and stress-induced depression are common. A truly happy body is best achieved when the whole programme is completed. Though you may want to address wellness topics in a more general way and for these occasions we can deliver a shorter health talk.

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Chronic diseases of lifestyle (CDL)

Nine of the top 10 causes of death in 2020 were chronic diseases of lifestyle. Poor diets, smoking, heavy drinking, lack of exercise and stress all contribute. Serious health challenges include high BP, substance abuse, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity. CDL are largely preventable if people are motivated to change. This concerns employers, more informed about staff wellness than ever before. They know that healthy employees are vital to the success of their business.


Effective employees are engaged in the workplace. They may require help through structured wellness programmes to achieve this. How engaged individuals are tends to be related to how happy they are. But key to their happiness is how they view themselves and their bodies. To optimise healthy staff, we must help them develop happy bodies and minds. We know that a  great deal of time is spent in the workplace. Let’s put it to good use and build a work space where staff can practice what we preach. Our courses can be adapted to your needs in the area of staff wellness. So give us a tinkle… we’ll put back the twinkle.

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Can kid’s food be nourishing and cool, or will it always be broc vs. choc? Are there healthy foods that don’t need kids to be pinned down and force fed?

We think so. In fact, we believe schools should play a vital role in introducing kids to foods that taste great and deliver the right stuff. Kids spend the majority of their waking hours at school. What they eat there plays a key role in shaping their habits – now, and in the future. Things heard at school, foods served at school, how their friends view food – these are messages they will carry for life, impacting on their health in time.

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Canteen or tuck shop

We offer fresh and healthy food ideas for the canteen or tuck shop. Change is made “softly” by keeping foods looking the same way kids know them. And we ensure great nutrient value with low sugar and processed foods. Just think – calm, healthy, vibrant little people sharing your classrooms forevermore! We’ll also help educate your parents. Your learners may enjoy our wholeness talks on why healthy food rocks, too.

Self-appearance vs self-worth

In the case of teenagers, we’ll help them appreciate that self-appearance and self-worth are different issues. We offer tools for building both these aspects of self-esteem in positive ways. Negative habits can effect the mental and physical wellbeing of  kids. This can reach a critical point, e.g. eating disorders or self-harming. When this happens, we work one-on-one with learner, parents, medical practitioner and psychologist, to address this challenge.

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