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Strong, toned, resilient 

  We promote regular daily movement over exercise alone. But we’ll help you explore the best type/s of exercise for your unique needs and goals. And we’ll look for the most efficient and effective ways to do this. We’ll also help you build regular movement into your daily life. Our mission is to help you find pursuits you love so that you repeat them freely. Watch video here.


Lean, healthy, energetic  

Take control of your eating habits without feeling deprived or starved. You’ll start a lifelong healthy eating journey, enjoying “bliss” foods too. We’ll review your health using an in-depth questionnaire. Results, in graph form, show your state of health and areas of weight/health blocks. Personalised advice is given for effective weight loss and health gains. Watch video here.


Motivated, educated, capable  

Adapt your habits so you can maintain them for life. Give up the idea of diets, a “perfect” body, and “magic” solutions. Our coaching approach will help you achieve your best body ever for life! Trying to change a habit without changing your subconscious beliefs is tough. It’s like putting new code into old software. To succeed, you need new software. Watch video here.


Our over-arching philosophy is that what you do most of the time counts. However, what you do some of the time doesn’t. Below this “umbrella” view, there are a few useful sub-philosophies that support it.

Camel Approach


It’s the last straw that breaks the camel’s back! These days we carry plenty of straws, but how many can we handle before we break? Managing our “camel” load gives us leeway. Now, it’s true that we all get stressed periodically. And if the camel is mostly happy, it can take a little load sometimes.

Our coaching approach will help you understand what constitutes this “little” load! This is where my value lies when it comes to helping my clients. Whether to achieve high energy, health, leanness or longevity. I’m the veritable camel whisperer!

pexels-pixabay-248704 Approach


Like cars, our bodies need ‘petrol’, ‘oil’, and water. Mostly, we should eat for the ‘car’ (healthful foods). But our emotional needs may require foods that aren’t great for fuelling the car. What they do offer though, is momentary bliss. While a good diet is the bedrock of health, there’s power in bliss too.

It’s what you do most of the time that counts. If your car is well maintained, there won’t be an issue joy-riding some of the time. This coaching approach allows you to have your cake and eat it. Literally!

pexels-engin-akyurt-1457806 Approach


Our exercise and eating habits have become a “wagon” to many of us. Be more disciplined! No pain, no gain! Just do it! When we fall off we go overboard in the opposite direction. Then we climb back on, only to repeat the routine.

My deep work with clients isn’t about measuring success externally. It’s not about weight loss, or achieving an activity goal. Our coaching approach aims to teach you about letting go of being “perfect”. And it’s about embracing their body in that moment. The only way not to fall off the wagon is not to get on it. Ever!