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Tanya Wyatt helps businesses develop happy, healthy staff. She started out as a professional ballet dancer in South Africa. Later, she moved into exercise, nutrition and lifestyle management.


Tanya has been heavily involved with the SA fitness industry. She designed, wrote and lectured on coursework for industry service providers. She was also a member of the industry’s standards generating body. In the mid 90s, Tanya co-founded SA’s licensing body for fitness trainers.


Tanya has written regularly for national health magazines. Men’s Health, Marie-Claire, Cosmopolitan, and Shape are just some. (She also served on Shape’s advisory board). In addition, she has had regular columns in local newspapers. In 2004 she wrote two books, both published by New Holland.


Tanya has worked extensively within the corporate arena. She has presented various wellness programmes and health talks through the decades. Some of the companies she’s worked with include: Volkswagen SA, Nelson Mandela University Business School, Old Mutual, SAB, Johnson Controls, Investec, Liberty, Nestle, The Heart Foundation, CANSA, and Riverstone UK.


Tanya has also worked with a variety of schools. These include: Elsen Academy, St George’s Preparatory School, Collegiate High School for Girls, Collegiate Junior School for Girls, Clarendon Primary School, Grey Junior School, St Dominic’s Priory and Willow Academy.

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Thank you for accepting our invite to speak. You did a sterling job as I received positive feedback from all. It was a difficult session as the managers had been in meetings all day. Performance levels were down and heads were lolling so well done to you.

Grace Mamolefi Makhaza, Health Services Specialist, Transnet Port Terminals

Thank you for presenting to the team in Uitenhage. I spoke to a number of people who attended the presentation. Without exception they were SO positive! Staff really enjoyed the talk and learned a lot from it. Your thoughts on proactively improving health were excellent.

Heidi de Groot, Human Resources Director, Johnson Controls, South Africa

All the delegates thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. It was informative, educational, thought provoking and entertaining. The question and answer session also proved very valuable. We look forward to using you as a speaker again in the future.

Simoné Mao-Cheia, Partner|Director, PKF (P.E.)

I really enjoyed your talk, thank you so much. You spoke of the things I believe in – I advocate – I love. I was enticed into the health profession by these ideas. They are the ideas that my grandfather and mother taught me. It was great to hear them from a colleague. So, thank you and good work – keep going from strength to strength.

Celeste Teixeira-Swiegelaar, RD, Nestle (SA)

Diet is both a topical and sensitive issue. Therefore, we thought a nutrition expert would be perfect to address our guests. It is difficult to find a presenter who holds an audience captive. But you managed to enthrall all with your passion and humour. Judging by the rapt attention and laughter, you were a resounding success.

Eleanore Raubenheimer, Internal Sales Associate, Investec Asset Management

Your presentation was fascinating and insightful. You emphasised that everyone is unique. Therefore, knowledge is key in supporting one’s unique mind and body. Your balanced approach to eating compared to a life of yoyo dieting and scale-watching is the best advice on offer.

Lynette Hayward, PA, The Master Builder's Association EC

Thank you for presenting at our first ladies function of 2018. And thanks also for sharing your knowledge with us. We found your talk very motivating and extremely  informative. We all left with food for thought and admire your enthusiasm for life!

Melanie Swanepoel, Senior Client Administrator, PW Harvey & Co

On behalf of the management team, many thanks for your presentation. We so enjoyed the way you approached health and wellness. Your initiative resonated – we’re also very pleased with the results. In addition to fascinating, your talks were great fun!

Prof Steve Burgess, Director, Nelson Mandela University Business School

I want to compliment NMU for this most valuable wellness course. Tanya’s approach and expert knowledge of health and fitness is truly amazing. I loved every minute. I’m also enjoying sharing the knowledge with family and colleagues.

Visha Coopasamy, Research Management, Nelson Mandela University


Tanya was a speaker at one of our parent meetings. Since then, she has engaged with pupils in order to tackle diet and wellness. She is an excellent communicator and is passionate about her work. Her continued interest and support is very valued. I applaud her in her efforts to change the face of tuck shops at our schools.

Lindsay Pearson, Headmaster Grey Junior School

Thank you again for taking the time to speak to the girls today. The subjects of self-esteem and eating issues was very well received. The girls found it incredibly informative and it gave them food for thought. The issue of self-appearance vs self-worth offered some healthy debate. We will definitely invite you back for more!

Derryk Jordan, Deputy Principal Collegiate Girls High School